“You have to respect the lineage”: Taylor Sheridan’s One Yellowstone Spin-Off Won’t Be Releasing Anytime Soon That’s Directly Linked to Kevin Costner Led Series

Yellowstone spinoff may never happen until Taylor Sheridan finds a way to film the project in this location

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  • Unlike Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan's planned spinoff 6666 was supposed to take place in the real-life Four Sixes ranch in Texas.
  • Sheridan revealed that the delay in production was due to the creator's intentions of not disrupting the daily activities of the place.
  • The creator owns the ranch and chose to respect the lineage of the families residing there.
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Taylor Sheridan’s one Yellowstone spinoff is yet to start production after being greenlit in 2021. The series titled 6666 was set up in one of the episodes of Season 4 of Yellowstone when Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Jefferson White, left the Montana ranch to work in the 6666 ranch in Texas.
Sheridan himself revealed the reason why 6666 is taking time to reach the small screen, and the reason suggests that the series may take even more time to get made.

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone spinoff 6666 won't be happening anytime soon
Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff 6666 won’t be happening anytime soon

Unlike Yellowstone or its prequels, 1883 and 1923, 6666 is set in a real-world location in the modern day. The Four Sixes ranch in Texas is the breeding ground for the world’s finest horses and livestock, taken care of by world-class cowboys who are born and trained there.

Taylor Sheridan Explains Why The Yellowstone Spinoff 6666 Is Taking So Long

Jefferson White, who played Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone, was supposed to lead the 6666 series
Jefferson White, who played Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone, was supposed to lead the 6666 series

Yellowstone spinoff 6666 was announced back in 2021 (via Variety). While the other shows as part of Taylor Sheridan‘s extended overall deal with the Yellowstone franchise saw their release within a year or two, 6666 is yet to make it to the screen.
The Jefferson White-led series won’t be released anytime soon, as Sheridan has a clear explanation as to why filming the series is difficult.


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in June 2023, the Wind River director explained that filming in a real place came with its own challenges. The Four Sixes ranch has to run its daily operations that feed several real families, who have been residing there for years.

Sheridan shared that the series had to respect the lineage of these people. Therefore, he had asked the studio to be patient with the series. Sheridan shared with THR:

“That, for a number of reasons, needs a unique level of special care because this is a real place with real families working here. You have to respect the lineage. I’ve told [the studio] to be patient.”

Interestingly, Sheridan has no problem making the ranch available to him if not for the families in it. The creator owns the 260,000+ acres of the property under the Four Sixes ranch (via Fort Worth Report). Sheridan’s massive piece of land has stories to tell that date back to 1870.


While the full-blown series about the ranch is yet to be filmed on the property, it has already hosted the Yellowstone crew for filming a few scenes of the Kevin Costner-led drama.

According to NewsWest 9, resident veterinarian Dr. Glenn Blodgett shared that he never expected to witness a film/series shooting at the ranch in his lifetime. He has been residing in the ranch for the last 40 years and these are the people whom Sheridan has to respect before disrupting their daily activities for the production of the series.

Taylor Sheridan’s Other Projects May Also Slow Down 6666 For Now

Harrison Ford's 1923 gets a second season while 6666 struggles to get made
Harrison Ford’s 1923 gets a second season while 6666 struggles to get made

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone may be coming to a controversial end with its fifth season. But the creator will probably get to make a few other projects in the franchise. Rumors earlier suggested that the creator will make a Yellowstone spinoff with Matthew McConaughey in the lead. However, recent reports suggest Sheridan focusing on a female-led project starring Michelle Pfeiffer.


Sheridan created the prequel series 1923 with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in the lead in 2022. The series was renewed for a second season and the production of the series is currently in the works.

Outside of Yellowstone, Sheridan is busy with the third season of Mayor of Kingstown starring Jeremy Renner, and the second season of Tulsa King starring Sylvester Stallone. Amid these projects, 6666 seems like an unlikely prospect.

Yellowstone is now available for streaming on Peacock, while 1923 and 1883 are now available for streaming on Paramount+.


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