“You just blew my mind”: Jake Gyllenhaal Forgot His Onscreen Dad From Day After Tomorrow in a Hilarious Moment

Dennis Quaid played Jake Gyllenhaal's father in Strange World, but that wasn't the first time the duo had essayed a father-son role.

jake gyllenhaal in day after tomorrow


  • Jake Gyllenhaal had a mind blowing revelation during the press tour for Disney's Strange World.
  • The actor realized that Dennis Quaid, who played his father in the film, had played his father once before in 2004's Day After Tomorrow.
  • Gyllenhaal's latest hit show, Presumed Innocent for Apple TV+ has begun making waves before the show has even aired.
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Jake Gyllenhaal had his mind blown when the actor had a revelation during an interview for Disney’s 2022 film Strange World. The actor starred in the film with Dennis Quaid who played the father of Gyllenhaal’s character. However, Gyllenhaal got the shock of his life when he realized that this was not the only time Dennis Quaid had played his father.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Strange World
Jake Gyllenhaal’s Strange World || Disney

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Jake Gyllenhaal came to the realization that he and Dennis Quaid had actually worked in a film before. The actors had recorded their lines separately for Strange World, which gave them little time to interact with each other during the production of the film. The press junket was where the actors spent most of their time together, and a prompt from the journalist interviewing them reminded Gyllenhaal that he had shared the screen with Dennis Quaid before.

Jake Gyllenhaal had worked with Dennis Quaid on The Day After Tomorrow 

Day After Tomorrow || 20th Century Fox
Day After Tomorrow || 20th Century Fox

Jake Gyllenhaal essayed the role of Sam Hall, who gets stranded in New York due to a climate anomaly, while Denis Quaid played his father, Jack Hall, who played a paleoclimatologist. Gyllenhaal realized this when it was brought to his notice by the Yahoo Entertainment journalist interviewing the duo. When the realization struck him, he said:


Wow that’s cool. You know we’ve been doing a lot of interviews and you just blew my mind.

While Gyllenhaal and Quaid were in The Day After Tomorrow together, the characters did not have a lot of time to spend with each other on set. Gyllenhaal was depicted in a completely different environment in the film than Quiad, given that one was stranded in New York and the other was constantly advising the President of the United States as they traveled around the globe.

Early reviews of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Presumed Innocent indicate another great bing for the summer

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home (Credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios)

In a summer that is already stacked with returning hits like The Bear, The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, House of the Dragon, and The Acolyte, Gyllenhaal seems to have entered the fray with his own show. Based on early reviews, Presumed Innocent is another addition to this summer’s stacked list of binge-worthy content.

Premiering on Apple TV+ on June 12th, Presumed Innocent is based on a novel of the same name, one that has been adapted numerous times. The show follows the plight of a prosecutor, who has become the prime accused in a case that pertains to the murder of one of his colleagues. The novel has been adapted as a miniseries and made for TV film and Gyllenhaal’s own web series.


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