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“You just came in the game”: Henry Cavill Fans Roast Ana de Armas for Saying James Bond Should be Played by Non-British Actor

"You just came in the game": Henry Cavill Fans Roast Ana de Armas for Saying James Bond Should be Played by Non-British Actor

Ana De Armas is slowly climbing up the ladder in Hollywood with her movies and the big stars that she has been working with. Her upcoming movie The Ballerina, will be focusing on a John Wick spin-off. It would give an outlook of how good the actress can be with a gun and win a fight against some goon. While a few of her latest movies did not do as well, she has some opinions about another action-packed franchise.

Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

The hunt for a new James Bond is underway and the actress has an idea of who would be good as the iconic spy. While the fans do not agree very much with her opinion, they cannot help but wonder about the character that Henry Cavill is also looking out for.

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Ana De Armas Thinks Paul Mescal Would Be A Great James Bond

Ana De Armas recently talked about the battle of the actors going on for the role of James Bond. Stars like Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor Johnson are front in line for the consideration of the role. For Armas though, the actress wants to see Paul Mescal take on the iconic role. The actor will be starring in the upcoming Gladiator 2. 

Paul Mescal Gladiator
Paul Mescal

While the opinion isn’t as common, it stands out to be controversial because the fans aren’t as fond of this thought as the actress is. She may know a thing or two about being a Bond girl seeing her brief appearance in No Time To Die alongside Daniel Craig as Paloma. When asked about who should take over as Bond after Craig bid farewell to the role, she did not hesitate before saying that Mescal would be great as the spy. The idea has not sat well with the fans and they have since been trolling the actress for having Mescal as her top choice.

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Fans Troll Ana De Armas For Wanting Paul Mescal As James Bond

Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas

Ana De Armas’s opinion has been taken negatively with regard to her wanting Paul Mescal as James Bond. They have been constantly talking about how he is not ideal for the role. However, it would be a sight to watch him play a villain of the franchise instead. The fans are instead suggesting various other actors including Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Some are even stating as to how she is fairly new to the industry and does not have enough experience to give names or even pitch ideas on such a large scale. Although she is a talented actress, her opinion has not been taken in the kindest way.

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