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“You know that I am an X-men”: Jennifer Lawrence Became Frustrated After She Failed to Convince She Is the Real Mystique in X-Men Movies to Her Nephew

"You know that I am an X-men": Jennifer Lawrence Became Frustrated After She Failed to Convince She Is the Real Mystique in X-Men Movies to Her Nephew

Everyone deserves to be recognized for their work. Especially when they have put in hours and hours of labor to bring it to life. However, even though bringing a superhero character to life is a humungous achievement, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence had a hard time getting the approval of some fans, including her own family member for one of her famous roles.

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Don't Look Up
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Don’t Look Up

Starting as Mystique in the Marvel Comics’ X-Men series, Lawrence revealed a funny incident with her family member who refused to consider her character a mutant.

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“the most infuriating…” – Jennifer Lawrence opens up on her frustrations with her nephew

In one of her appearances on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lawrence shared how she failed to convince her four-year-old nephew that she was a ‘real X-Men’ character. A huge fan of the series, her nephew Bear refused to acknowledge that Lawrence’s character Mystique is actually a mutant. She revealed,

” My four-year-old nephew, Bear, he is obsessed with X-Men. And, I’m like, Bear, I’m an X-Men, and he’s like, ‘No, the real X-Men.’ It’s like the most infuriating…”

Furthermore, when the show’s host Jimmy Fallon played a video of one such incident, JLaw admitted that the clip was just a ‘mild version of what he does.’

Isn’t that hilarious? Complaining that she feels that her nephew does not like her work, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress recalled that her nephew does not even like to visit her on the sets of Hunger Games.

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Is JLaw’s Mystique joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Although the X-Men series is based on the famous Marvel Comics legacy, the mutants have not been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, now, it is speculated that the makers are planning in introducing the OG characters including the Fantastic Four and X-Men mutants.

Reportedly, Jennifer Lawrence might also join the MCU superheroes while reprising her role as Mystique.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Furthermore, another X-Men character, Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is anticipated to join MCU. With the President of the Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige already doing everything to make MCU the top movie franchise in Hollywood, the addition of these OG characters will only add to the craze and excitement for the upcoming projects.

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Apart from this, JLaw would be next seen in June 2023 in No Hard Feelings, a movie about a desperate woman dating a 19-year-old son of a wealthy couple.

Source: The Mirror

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