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“You must take me seriously”: Jeremy Renner’s Director Warned the Hawkeye Star as He Kept Laughing While Shooting But It Was Not His Fault

Jeremy Renner's Director Warned the Hawkeye Star as He Kept Laughing While Shooting But It Was Not His Fault

Jeremy Renner has worked on some wonderful projects throughout his time as an actor. Whether it is a television series or a big movie, he gives it his all. His fame and talent have allowed him to work with some renowned people in the industry including Ben Affleck and Denis Villeneuve. It is no doubt that his talent expands beyond a limited range and that is what makes fans adore him so much.

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown
Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown

From playing a superhero to playing a robber, there is nothing the actor cannot do. In recent days he has also shown that he is just as big of a hero off screen as he is in front of the camera. This has made various people respect him even more. However, there was one time when he was filming that he just could not stop laughing.

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Jeremy Renner Laughed at Denis Villeneuve

Jeremy Renner has done various movies, one of which was with Amy Adams. 2016’s Arrival was directed by Denis Villeneuve, someone whom even James Cameron deems to be a respected and talented filmmaker. While talking on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel, Renner explained just why the director used to scold him so much.

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Denis Villeneuve on a movie set
Denis Villeneuve

“‘Jeremy listen we’re going to f*ck us on Amy and take the camera and cum on your face.'” To which Jimmy Kimmel began laughing, “That’s what I would do, I would laugh and he’s like ‘you must take me seriously.'”

Renner had difficulty understanding Villeneuve’s accent and it became even more amusing when he was unable to translate the words from French to English. This even got funnier because while he was attempting to say ‘focus,’ he kept messing the word up into something more inappropriate without realizing it. Villeneuve even asked for the actor to be more serious and he couldn’t help but laugh.

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Jeremy Renner Finds Denis Villeneuve to be Very Quiet

Despite the misunderstanding and the chuckling, Jeremy Renner loved working with Denis Villeneuve. While talking on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel, Renner commented about how wonderful of a person the director really is. Not only that, but he also finds Villeneuve to be rather quiet on set.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

“He’s very soft-spoken, the set’s very quiet while shooting.”

His dedication to working and his focus in absolutely commendable and it puts even Renner in awe. The actor admitted that he was a wonderful director with quips about language here and there, but that was all fun for him too.

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Source: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel


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