“You publicly humiliated me”: Eniko Hart’s Painful Admission On How She Found Out About Kevin Hart’s Affair

Recalling the entire incident is even more torturous to Eniko Hart then it was experiencing it in the first place.

Eniko Hart’s Painful Admission On How She Found Out About Kevin Hart’s Affair


  • Kevin Hart was caught in a cheating scandal with model Montia Sabbag, while his wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, was seven months pregnant with their first child back in 2017.
  • The publicly surfacing of this affair not only put Hart but his wife in misery as well.
  • However, while Eniko Hart may have decided to put it all in the past, that cheating scandal, along with other controversial allegations, has once again put Kevin Hart in the middle of fans' backlash.
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Everybody makes mistakes, and that ‘everybody’ includes the fan-favorite comedian Kevin Hart as well. Despite being one of the most commendable celebrities of all time, the world-famous actor messed up big time back in 2017 when he was caught in a cheating scandal when his wife, Eniko Hart, was seven months pregnant.

Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real | Instagram)
Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real | Instagram)

Not only did this get Hart under extreme controversy and backlash, but it also placed a crack in his relationship with his wife: Something that, even while recalling how she found out about it, brings tears to Eniko Hart’s eyes because of how painful the memory is for her.

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Eniko Hart Was In Misery After Finding Out About Kevin Hart’s Affair

Kevin Hart called his wife the strongest person in the world. Credit: Instagram / @enikohart
Eniko Hart and Kevin Hart. Credit: Instagram/@enikohart

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Back in 2017, Kevin Hart was caught in a cheating scandal, that took place in Las Vegas, with model Montia Sabbag. What’s worse was that during the same time, his wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, was seven months pregnant with their first child together, Kenzo.

Recalling her reaction when she received the video of her husband with another woman on her phone while she was having breakfast, Hart’s wife shared in his documentary series released on Netflix, Kevin Hart: Don’t F–k This Up:


“Immediately, I just lost it,” Parrish said. “I called him, I’m crying, I’m like pissed. Right then and there, I kept saying, ‘How the f— did you let that happen?'”

Soon after, that video ended up surfacing on social media, and along with Hart, Parrish was also in incredible misery due to the same. Although he later apologized to his wife and children for his mistake and regretted it, it took quite some time for Parrish to forgive him fully.

“You publicly humiliated me,” Parrish said of Hart. “Your whole everything’s on Instagram, everything’s on social media. It was an ongoing fight all the time. Every single day. I kept questioning him, like, ‘If this is what you’re gonna do, I don’t want to be a part of that.'”

But, at the same time, Hart’s wife was also happy that it all happened, for a reason all too understandable.

“I’m happy that it kind of happened,” Parrish said through tears. “I get sensitive every time I talk about it. He’s f—ed up, this was a bad one, this was major. Nine years and I think looking forward, it’ll be better.”

However, even though Eniko Hart may have decided to put it all in the past and move on, that cheating scandal is far from done with Kevin Hart, as it, along with other controversial allegations, has once again put him in the middle of fans’ backlash.


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Kevin Hart Once Again Under Controversy Following Recent Lawsuit

Tasha K in the infamous interview about Kevin Hart
Tasha K in the infamous interview about Kevin Hart

In 2017, when the video holding details and evidence of his cheating scandal surfaced, Kevin Hart was allegedly being extorted and blackmailed over it through an unknown suspect. Years later, the actor is once again reportedly being extorted. Though this time, it’s much more than just a video of him cheating on his wife.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the comedian has launched a lawsuit against Tasha K and his former personal assistant, Miesha Shakes, for the former demanding a ransom of $250,000 from him for not releasing an allegedly “defamatory” interview with the latter.


According to the details of the lawsuit, Hart has accused his former personal assistant of having violated an NDA and confidentiality agreement by sharing his private information publicly, and the controversial YouTuber of “intentional interference with contractual relations,” along with alleging both of them of extortion as well as invading his privacy.

Moreover, since the Jumanji reboot actor refused to pay her but instead sent a desist letter to her through the police and his representatives, Tasha K released the interview on her website for a monthly subscription fee of $12. As per what Rolling Stone acquired from the video:

“Shakes alleges that Hart had an affair in his office, has gambling issues, and that he paid someone millions to take DUI charges for him. She also claims that she told Hart’s wife Eniko about Hart’s alleged affair.”

Hart, in the meanwhile, is denying all these allegations, and instead, has slammed Miesha Shakes with the lawsuit that reportedly includes “false and defamatory statements” regarding the actor. Furthermore, he is also claimed to have requested $90,000 each in compensatory damages and attorney fees.


While all these recent turn of unfortunate events have once again put Kevin Hart under a lot of controversy, it is also worth noting that Tasha K is also infamous for having lost $4 million in a defamation case against Cardi B, after having reportedly published “false and defamatory” statements about the singer. Meaning, she can’t be fully trusted either.

So, far all these reports have only remained as alleged reports, and fans are still awaiting their confirmation from the stand-up comedian.


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