“You really were a trailblazer”: Jason Momoa’s Rumored Fling Eiza Gonzalez Was Awestruck by Salma Hayek After She Replicated Her Famous Snake Scene That Terrified Actress

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Jason Momoa's Rumored Fling Eiza Gonzalez Was Awestruck by Salma Hayek After She Replicated Her Famous Snake Scene That Terrified Actress

Salma Hayek has been a monumental figure in Hollywood. She has broken several glass ceilings and has arguably made things relatively easier for individuals who followed in her footsteps. This is exactly why many stars frequently praise her, including actress Eiza González. González has had a pretty good career up till now, and in a media interaction, she once heaped praise on the Eternals star.

The actress replicated Hayek’s famous scene from her film, From Dusk Till Dawn. This scene involved dancing with snakes, which made her super uncomfortable as she has a phobia of snakes. Later, when Gonzales herself did a very similar role in the horror television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, she was awestruck by the courage shown by the actress, who did it in a much more difficult environment.

Eiza González Praised Salma Hayek’s Acting Skills

Eiza Gonzalez
Eiza Gonzalez

Salma Hayek is one of the most celebrated actresses who has successfully established herself as an A-list celebrity in the film industry. Hayek has worked across all genres of movies and displayed her cinematic talents on the silver screen. Hayek has inspired millions of people and her co-stars with her craft, as the famous Mexican actress Eiza González once revealed how she felt inspired by the actress and her journey in Hollywood. In an interview with V magazine, González praised the Desperado movie actress and called her a trailblazer,

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“Since I was really young, no one was really crossing over besides Salma [Hayek], and she did it way before I even started working. But I [was] always guided by passion. That’s something that I’ve always wanted to be very transparent about, now being in the international market, is [that] I never had Hollywood as a goal–I was just always inspired by art.”

She continued,

“I’m getting to a place where I feel okay saying when something doesn’t feel right in my gut, or I don’t feel acknowledged or respected. That’s when I respect people like Salma Hayek because you think ‘Oh, you really were a trailblazer when there was nothing for you.” 

Eiza González and Salma Hayek
Eiza González and Salma Hayek

Eiza González is one of the most hardworking actresses who shot to superstardom for depicting the role of Santanico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez’s created American horror television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. In the series, the actress replicated the famous scene from Salma Hayek’s 1996 horror movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

Hayek’s depiction in the flick, where she danced with the snakes on her body, became famous, but she once admitted that she initially refused to do the scene because she had a phobia of snakes. Her commitment to her craft inspired the 33-year-old star who pulled off a similar shot effectively on the show, leaving fans star-struck.

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Salma Hayek Initially Refused to Do This Scene in Her Film From Dusk Till Dawn

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

In a candid interview with E! News Daily Pop, Salma Hayek revealed that she was initially afraid to film the snake scene in her 1996 American action horror film From Dusk Till Dawn. The actress refused to do the scene because she has a phobia of snakes. She told the outlet,

“I have a phobia. It was not on the script. I agreed to the movie, and then Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino decided that the dance is with the snake on me. They said, ‘Ok then, we’ll just go to another actor that wants your part.'”

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Hayek shared how she overcame her fear,

“In some culture, the snake represented—I started doing research—your inner power. And my whole thing that I brainwashed myself into doing this was about dancing with my own inner power.”

Despite her phobia and fears of snakes, Salma Hayek went on to perform that sequence and delivered a memorable performance. The film stars Harvey Keitel, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Juliette Lewis, and Salma Hayek, and more.

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Source: V magazine, E! News Daily Pop

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