“You remember that Mark?” Shazam Star Mark Strong Punched Adam Sandler in the Face and Made Him Cry

Shazam Star Mark Strong Punched Adam Sandler in the Face and Made Him Cry
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Shazam and Kingsman star Mark Strong is a British actor, known for both his action and comical roles. The 60-year-old British actor was born in London and has been quite active in Hollywood films. While shooting Murder Mystery 2 he accidentally slapped Adam Sandler on the face which made the latter cry. 


The case became known to everyone when Jennifer Aniston went for a chat with the BBC and was spotted joking about the incident about how it happened. However, it happened accidentally, and both the Murder Mystery actors took it sportingly and things didn’t escalate. 

Mark stromg still image
British actor Mark Strong,

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Mark Strong Recalls An Unfortunate Incident On The Sets Of Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a story about profound relationships and communications, it explores the dynamics of communication and trust in a marriage. Just like the storyline of the film, it seems like the actors have also found a great bond and trust between them. In an interview with the BBC’s The One Show, Mark Strong jokingly mentioned this, saying,

“The [action sequences] go on for ages,” he continued. “You’re doing one movement for ages and I had to literally hold [Sandler’s] shoulder and punch him but keep a [small distance] away from him because of where the camera was. And one time I caught him.”

Following this comment, Adam Sandler came out and further added to the story.

“We’re not gonna talk about Mark punching me in the face that time. Accidentally, Mark punched me in the face. You remember that Mark?” He further added, You’re a good man though, Mark – I forgave him immediately and I was knocked out for about half a second.”

To this, Jennifer Aniston poked fun and said, “He cried a little bit but then he was over it,”


But it wasn’t too long and soon the actors got back and the Reign Over Me actor revealed just after he got back to sense the tears went away and he went on saying that Mark Strong is a good friend of his. 

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler from a scene in Murder Mystery 2
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery 2

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It Didn’t Take Too Long For Adam Sandler To Forgive Mark Strong

Though the punch came accidentally on the face of Adam Sandler, both the actors showed true professionalism and moved forward to each other, and that is what made everyone both happy and amused at the same time.

Adam Sandler at an event
Adam Sandler

Tears came out from the eyes of the 56-year-old American actor, but it didn’t stay there for long and all even agreed on how the Uncut Gems actor went in search of the Mark Strong to mutually discuss it and to make him guilt-free.

Adam Sandler even went on to call the Shazam actor the “perfect man in a white suit” at the end of that interview, and that made everyone laugh.


Murder Mystery 2 is the sequel to the comic-thriller film Murder Mystery. It came out in 2023 and can be streamed on Netflix. 

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Source: BBC The One Show


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