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“You ruined my childhood”: $80M Rich John Cena Can’t Grow His Hair Due to Rabid WWE Fans

John Cena is generally invisible to his fans, but all hell broke loose when his new hairstyle was too much for his fans to keep pretending he isn’t visible anymore. The professional wrestler turned movie star has amassed huge popularity. Even before his acting career started, Cena was a prominent WWE star. The hype surrounding the star was unimaginable, from his moves to looks to his hairstyle everything was considered iconic. Thus when the star tried to change his iconic buzz cut he was met with some harsh critiques online.

Although the overreaction of the fans was not at all justified, John Cena understood where they came from. The WWE community in particular had a large number of audiences hooked back in the day, to such an extent that many considered it as their religion. This reaction was a direct result of that.

John Cena
John Cena

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John Cena fans didn’t let him grow his hair out

At its core, WWE thrives on the art of storytelling. The elaborate plots, rivalries, and ongoing sagas presented in the form of wrestling matches captivate fans by engaging their emotions and creating a sense of deep personal connection with the characters. They possess larger-than-life personas that capture the imagination of those watching the sport. The characters they portray often have unique gimmicks, catchphrases, and distinctive traits that make them instantly recognizable.

And turns out, John Cena was a victim of that, because of playing his part too well. He agreed to the same while talking to GQ Magazine on the topic of how the wrestles impacted the culture of an entire era.

John Cena
John Cena

Before the elaborate universes of superheroes, WWE amassed an audience that in turn turned them into a cultural phenomenon. He said,

“I 100% agree, because they’re a persona. There’s not a better example than someone who’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, The Undertaker. He is just now becoming a human being, and people are weirded out by it.”

John Cena at an event
John Cena donning his iconic buzzcut

He then further continued by saying,

“I remember when I started growing my hair out, I didn’t know how to wear it or cut it, but people saw me with longer hair and would barrage me on social media — “you ruined my childhood, I can’t believe you’re doing this!” — I’m growing my fuckin’ hair out, what little I have left! I’m trying to do something a little different, and I can’t because this is who you’re used to.”

But that does not stop him from trying out new avenues and going on new adventures. He loves his new hairdo and tries not to care or to be bothered by the unnecessary overreactions he received for his looks.

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What did the internet have to say about his new look?

The internet erupted as soon as they witnessed John Cena with a full head of hair. Hashtags, campaigns, and online petitions were signed all because John Cena changes his haircut. The star himself jumped on the hype train and posted a Simpsons meme to immortalize the hysteria as well.

John Cena's post on Instagram
John Cena’s post on Instagram

Here are some of the Tweets to showcase the hysteria,

Therefore, whether it’s the heroes that are being cheered for or the villains people love to hate. Although people were not kind with their words, Cena took it as a sport and cracked a few jokes and laughed along with the internet too all while looking gorgeous and sporting his luscious hair.

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Source: GQ

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