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YOU: Season 4 Will Fill Many Holes In Joe’s Heart In Season 4

YOU Season 4 Will Fill Many Holes In Joes Heart In Season 4

The showrunner of Netflix’s You has finally shed some light on the upcoming fourth season of the popular thriller series. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ books, the first season delved into the troubled mind of Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley as he looks for his one true love. In the first season, Joe develops a liking for Guinevere Beck but their relationship ends in a rather tragedy. The second season of You welcomed Love Quinn who at first, seems like the perfect romantic partner. But by the end of the season, things again take a weird turn, turning into a tragedy. The series continues this for its third outing, which sees Love and Joe move to the suburbs and try to raise their infant son.

You Will Soon Premiere With Season 4

You Season 3 on Netflix
You Season 3 on Netflix

This proved to be a huge success for the thriller series which was acquired by Netflix and has since garnered a lot of popularity. The series has also been praised by the critics for the shows’ ability to weave social critiques into absurd scenarios – something that has been appreciated by fans. You, have, so far, found a way to raise the bar with each new season. Now that You has been renewed for a fourth season there are many questions about where Joe’s story could head next:

Gamble, who co-created You alongside Greg Berlanti, revealed in an interview that the next season will see Joe trying to fill the void after the losses he went through at the end of season 3. He refers to the fact that Joe will be seen moving to Paris, assuming a new identity after his previous life in the suburbs goes up in flames. Here’s her quote:

“I think Joe in Paris is hilarious. The idea of him caring about fashion, for example, would be really funny. No, that’s not what we’re doing. I feel like Season 3 is a season of a huge amount of just loss and tragedy for him. And we leave him having lost or felt like he had to let go of everything he cared about really. So the story from here, if we get to tell it, is about how he gets any of that back or how he finds something else, because if the Joe you met in the first scene of the pilot, where the bell rings in the book shop, and then the girl in the jeans walks in, if he had one hole he wanted to fill in his heart, now he has like 17. So we’ve been with him longer, so we know more about his baggage, right? So I think there’s a lot of that to explore.”

The third season of You ended by hinting that Joe has moved to Paris, to look for Marienne, who is his latest fixation. Even if Gabrielle appears in the next season, it will only be for a brief time.

You on Netflix
You on Netflix

In terms of the viability of You, it would make sense for the main character to be someone more than a one-note antagonist. However, Joe has also murdered several people and has behaved in extremely irresponsible ways at times. It will be intriguing to see how You deals with this going ahead while staying true to its core of who its main protagonist really is.

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