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‘You use Wikipedia as your source of information?’: Henry Cavill Obliterated Journalist With His Sarcasm, Astounded Everyone With His Extensive Knowledge on Greek Mythology

Henry Cavill Obliterated Journalist With His Sarcasm

Henry Cavill can never have enough moments that remind the audience of how much of a nerd he is and how adorable he could look while talking about it. He has been very open about his knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to lore about video games, comic books, and mythology. Although his current stance in the Hollywood industry seems to slowly be shifting downwards with him losing the role of Superman once again.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

One of his iconic nerd-dom moments included an instance where he was shocked to learn the sources a journalist uses and how even as someone who’s interviewing and asking questions to celebrities, the interviewer is using a source deemed to often be not very credible.

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Henry Cavill Did Not Expect Someone To Use Wikipedia As A Source

While being asked questions by a journalist, Henry Cavill was asked about his film Immortals and his role as Theseus in the movie. While questioning the actor, the interviewer referred to Theseus as a demigod and Cavill corrected him in the most natural way regarding his misinformation. In response, the interviewer cited their source as Wikipedia. This shocked the Man of Steel actor majorly, disappointing him further to see that people still use Wikipedia as a source of information, even when other better references are available, especially for lore and mythology.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill

“You use Wikipedia as your source of information? Tch tch tch.”

His disappointment was evident on his face upon learning that people were not using the correct sources. While it is still unclear whether or not Theseus is a demigod or not, considering that his mother slept with both a god and a human on the same night, birthing Theseus nine months later. It still made Cavill wonder as to why anyone would consult Wikipedia for credible information. His disappointment made even the interviewer feel guilty for using Wikipedia to find information.

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Immortals; Making Henry Cavill A Hero Before Superman

Henry Cavill played Theseus in 2011’s Immortals. His character was picked to fight King Hyperion by Zeus, who is rumored to be his father. The fight is seemingly impossible to win and as a mortal, fighting an evil King gets further difficult. Cavill’s character does win in the end, making Theseus a hero who will forever be remembered.

Henry Cavill Immortals
Henry Cavill in Immortals

Another hero like that the actor would come to play the very next year, in 2012, would be Man of Steel’s Superman. The role of Superman changed his life forever, however, unlike what most people may think, it was not the first hero he brought to life.

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