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“You want to make it very special”: Tom Cruise Went Against His Beliefs For His Undying Love For Katie Holmes During Suri Cruise’s Mysterious Birth

Tom Cruise Went Against His Beliefs For His Undying Love For Katie Holmes During Suri Cruise’s Mysterious Birth

The world is crazy, and while peace does prevail, the crazy does too! The subject of this topic, for now, will be a throwback to a time when rumors surrounding the birth of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise, came out. And all these rumors sound too wild to be true.

In the long-gone year of 2005 and in its hot month of April, 42-year-old Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as he openly declared his love for Katie Holmes. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last too long, but they had Suri Cruise together- a celebrity kid who already had the media and news team surrounding her mother Holmes even before Suri came out of the womb- and it’s all because of crazy rumors!

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise

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The Crazy Rumor Surrounding The Birth Of Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri Cruise

Top Gun star Tom Cruise is a man of many faces, he could be Les Grossman, Roy Miller, Jack Reacher, or even the popular Ethan Hunt. But the legendary actor is simply a Scientologist in real life, and that belief came back to bite him as it was used to generate some crazy rumors surrounding the birth of his daughter Suri Cruise.

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Tom Cruise and family

One rumor that spread around like fire at the time of Suri’s birth was that Scientologists believe in the birth of a child without the sound of the mother’s pain- basically a silent birth. Rumors spread around tabloids and newspapers that Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes was made to give a silent birth.

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As reported by PEOPLE at the time, the American weekly magazine gave some shocking reports of how Holmes was supposed to behave while giving birth, pointing all fingers towards a custom mandated by believers of Scientology-

“In the tradition of fellow Scientologists Leah Remini and Kelly Preston, Katie Holmes is expected to attempt a Scientology laboring and birth experience when she has Tom Cruise’s baby next spring.”

“As they do with most everything, Scientologists have guidelines for the process, which includes birth without meds (a fairly normal birth choice for some women anyway). However, here’s the kicker – mothers are to attempt a silent birth, because they believe that it is traumatic for the baby to hear their mother cry or groan in pain while they are being born.”

If you’ve ever asked your mother about how you were born, she’d probably tell you that it was a horrendous time due to all the pain. So the concept of not making a sound while giving birth to a baby sounds unimaginable.

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However, There Is Some Truth To The Rumor As Tom Cruise Said

It seems like the custom of silent births is quite popular among Scientologists. For someone who doesn’t believe in the movement, it would be audacious to think that such a concept is allowed to breed.

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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In fact, the rumor sounds too stupid to be true. But Tom Cruise has clarified on TV that the rumor is true, at least partially. Speaking to Diane Sawyer in 2006, the Knight & Day star removed the clouds of doubt on what silent births actually mean to Scientologists-

“It’s basically just respecting the mother, you know, and helping to be quiet — not the mother. The mother makes as much noise … you know, she’s going through it. But why have other people make noise? You know, you want that area very calm and to make it very special.”

A noticeable difference between Cruise’s words and the details of the rumor is that Holmes was actually allowed to make noise while giving birth. Yes, he went against his own beliefs in Scientology to allow the love of his life(at the time) to scream as much as she wanted during birth because who wouldn’t?

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