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These 40 Actors Stole Some Very Precious Things From TV and Movie Sets After Wrap

You have heard actors stealing the show, it’s time for you to hear them stealing props. Our favorite actors spend a good amount of time on their film sets. Getting attached to their character’s belongings comes as no surprise. However, some famous A-listers have taken an extra step to ensure that a part of their most iconic character stays with them.
Even though it was strictly prohibited for all of the cast members to take anything away from the Harry Potter sets, do you think that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint could walk home empty-handed after spending a large span of their childhood on the sets of eight different Harry Potter films?

Sneakily or openly, find out who in Hollywood has taken home some of the most iconic props of their films:

1. Daniel Radcliffe took home Harry Potter’s famous round eyeglasses from the first and last films.

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2. Chris Hemsworth has taken five different prop versions of Thor’s hammer. His wife Elsa Pataky has banned him from bringing more hammers citing they’re running out of places to put them

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3. Maisie Williams took home the brown leather jacket from Game of Thrones that Arya Stark wore. 

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4. Bryan Cranston took home Walter White’s glasses and the original Heisenberg hat from Breaking Bad.

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5. Matt LeBlanc stole the Magna Doodle board from Joey and Chandler’s door as a gift to the electrician who drew on it before filming every episode. He also took home a ball from the foosball table for himself.

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6. Ralph Macchio took home the 1947 Ford from the iconic “wax on, wax off” scene of The Karate Kid.

21 1

7. Norman Reedus took home Rick’s fake beard from The Walking Dead set, keeping them “safe” in a plastic bag in his fridge.

22 1

8. The uniform that Gabrielle Union wore in Bring It On still hangs in her closet.

23 1

9. Anya Taylor-Joy was so in love with the outfits that she wore in The Queen’s Gambit, she kept all of them.

24 1

10. The boots and jacket that Katniss wore in the Hunger Games franchise are in Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe.

25 1

11. Tracy Morgan took home the fish tank from 30 Rock that his character had in his dressing room

26 1

12. Sarah Jessica Parker claims to have taken home about 95% of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from the set of Sex and the City.

27 1

13. To mark his time in The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. took the giant Avengers “A” sign from Stark Tower after the film wrapped production.


14. Reese Witherspoon went home with her entire wardrobe from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde!

14 2

15. Chris Pratt stole the iconic red leather jacket that his character Star-Lord wore in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 1. He did that in order to dress up as the character while visiting children in the hospital.

15 2

16. Rupert Grint is the proud owner of the Privet Drive house number, flying car, and the golden dragon egg that we saw in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

16 2

17. Kristen Stewart went home with Bella Swan’s engagement ring from the Twilight set.

17 1

18. Sir Ian McKellen stole Bilbo Baggins’ house key from the set of The Lord of the Rings and a few gold coins from The Hobbit.

18 1
19. Jennifer Aniston took home the neon Central Perk coffee sign from Friends. It now hangs in her office.

19 1

20. John Krasinski has that teapot in his kitchen that Jim gifted Pam for Christmas in The Office.


21. Jenna Fischer walked home with Pam’s engagement ring and the iconic hair clip


22. Sean Astin claims that he took home One-Eyed Willy’s treasure map from The Goonies which his mother later lost.


23. Adam Scott stole the name plate that Ben Wyatt had on his desk in Parks and Rec.

24. Jake Johnson walked away with all of Nick Miller’s jeans from New Girl.


25. Vanessa Hudgens took home the “T as in Troy” necklace from High School Musical but claims that it’s probably rusting in a little bag somewhere in her house.


26. Aaron Paul walked away with the blown-off head of Gus Fring, which he has put on display in his home. 

5 2

27. Sandra Oh walked away with a rug from Cristina and Owen’s apartment in Grey’s Anatomy. She used it to decorate her own living room 

6 3

28. Will Ferrell has that pair of prosthetic testicles that his character rubbed on Dale’s drum kit in Step Brothers. He even took home Ron Burgundy’s Channel Four News ring from Anchorman.

7 2

29. Daisy Ridley walked away with a lightsaber and stole the ring worn by “Dark Rey” in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

8 2

30. Ridley’s onscreen nemesis Adam Driver took home a lightsaber as well as Kylo Ren’s costume. 

9 3

31. Julie Andrews admitted that she has kept a pair of shoes from Mary Poppins as doorstops in her home

10 2

32. Chadwick Boseman walked away with a Kimoyo bead bracelet from the Black Panther set and kept wearing it even after the filming concluded.

11 2

33. Ryan Reynolds took home the complete Deadpool suit after the wrap of the first film.

12 2

34. The Tanner family couch from Full House is currently with John Stamos.

13 2

35. Zac Efron took home Troy Bolton’s Wildcats jersey from High School Musical and still sometimes wears Link Larkin’s belt from Hairspray.


36. Dakota Johnson took home what her character showed off the most in her hit Fifty Shades of Grey. She walked home with a bunch of her character’s underwear.


37. Catherine O’Hara walked home with her “bébés,” aka Moira’s wigs, from the set of Schitt’s Creek


38. Annie Murphy, who played her daughter took home the legendary “A Little Bit Alexis” dress from the series


39. Rider Strong took home wi Shawn’s leather jacket from Boy Meets World.


40. Joshua Radnor has what everyone remembers How I Met Your Mother for. The blue French horn  


What prop you would’ve stolen if you were in any of their movies? Tell us in the comment section below!


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