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“You wouldn’t have hired me for this”: Top Gun 2 Star Reveals She Was Afraid Tom Cruise Would Have Replaced Her in $1.4B Movie if He Knew Her Past Failures

"You wouldn't have hired me for this": Top Gun 2 Star Reveals She Was Afraid Tom Cruise Would Have Replaced Her in $1.4B Movie if He Knew Her Past Failures

Tom Cruise has always put people in awe because of his amazing flying skills. The number of licenses he has for different kinds of planes is far beyond that of a usual actor. While he already made his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars gasp at his skills, one particular incident in Monica Barbaro’s life made her question whether or not Cruise would even hire her for the movie.

Top Gun: Maverick Actor
Top Gun: Maverick Actor Monica Barbaro

The movie did exceptionally well and was claimed to finally be the blockbuster to bring the audience back into theatres. Even after over three decades, fans were ecstatic to see the sequel with full hope of it being worth the wait. Needless to say, it surpassed all expectations and became Cruise’s biggest movie to date, even getting a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars.

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Monica Barbaro Kept Trying Just To Get A Driver’s Licence

Monica Barbaro was asked about her driver’s license when she revealed that she got it at the age of sixteen but not without numerous difficulties. She confirmed that it took her four tries to finally get her driver’s license. During her first attempt, she elaborated on how she traveled two towns over to a far-away DMV because they were known to go easy on people.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

It did not end well as she got late to reach there because of a math class. As she was not punctual, the DMV shut her out and she had to go back. One has to wait two weeks before one can apply again. So when she tried, it had been going fine for the most part. Until ultimately she got a bit overconfident. This cost her a license as Barbaro did not bother looking over her shoulder now and then. It was not until the next two tries that she would finally nail her test and finally be able to drive.

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Monica Barbaro Thought Tom Cruise Would Not Hire Her For Her License Experience

Monica Barbaro was worried that upon telling her experience, Tom Cruise would not want to hire her, making her wonder if talking about it was a good idea at all. Ultimately she caved and shared the entire experience. She continued and revealed that the third time it had not been her fault at all that the DMV could not issue her license. The tail light had been out so there was nothing she could do to help the situation and was required to take the rest once again.

Monica Barbaro talks about the first time she met Tom Cruise.
Monica Barbaro and Tom Cruise

“When I was about sixteen. You would not have hired me for this,” she pointed at Cruise. “I tried four times, it’s not what you think.”

This final occasion had everything going smoothly. It had all worked out for her and San Francisco was the place she came back to. The fourth time, while taking a turn, she had accidentally stepped into the bike lane and that had led the person in charge to scream at her profusely. Once she started crying, he added that she has passed despite that and could finally hold a license for which she kept trying again and again.

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