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“You’ll know that couldn’t be further from who I am”: Hugh Jackman Reveals He’s Got Nothing in Common With Wolverine, The Role That Made Him a Hollywood Superstar

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Hugh Jackman is without a doubt one of the greatest and most hard-working actors in the industry. In his long acting career, he has showcased his immense range by being a part of projects that fall under multiple genres. But the role that he totally made synonymous with his own name is none other than Wolverine. You think about Hugh Jackman and Wolverine is the first character that could come to your mind, and vice-versa. But you’d be surprised to know that in real life, the actor is nothing like Wolverine and he himself has admitted it.

How Hugh Jackman Had To Change His Ways

Hugh Jackman’s Early Days

While promoting his upcoming movie The Son, Hugh Jackman took part in a recent interview with IndieWire. In his long chat with the outlet, he revealed how things used to be when he got into movie-making.

“When I was getting into this business, the playbook for being a movie star was being mysterious. Don’t let anybody in. Leave them wanting more. Don’t reveal things. Project a certain image.”

But in recent times, the actor had to make a lot of changes due to shifts in the cultural landscape. He continued:

“Now I think there’s a responsibility for someone like me to discuss the fear of talking about vulnerability. Of course I’d rather go through the things that everybody goes through rather than projecting some idealized version of myself. I am trying to do that more publicly.”

And having said that, he confessed what’s common between him and the clawed mutant he is famous for. The answer is – Absolutely Nothing!

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Hugh Jackman in Real Life

Hugh Jackman was mistaken about Wolverine and didn't know what his character was.
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Everyone loves Jackman as Wolverine, and it was this love from the fans that pushed him through 9 appearances as the character. It’s also this love that’s bringing him back for a tenth outing. But apparently, Jackman has set the record straight by admitting that he is nothing like the antihero he loves playing so much. He said:

“Spend five minutes with me and you’ll know that couldn’t be further from who I am.”

Instead, the actor said that he is more like his latest character from The Son, Peter Miller (a divorced father who struggles to parent his emotionally upset son). So, for all hardcore fans who truly want to see what Hugh Jackman is like for real, you’ve got to watch this upcoming melodrama.

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Jackman even went on to describe Peter Miller and told us what we could expect to see. He said:

“This role brought up mistakes I made and regrets that I have. I think one of the great messages of the movie is that love isn’t always enough. When you go into raising a kid with a little more humility and understanding, you probably come in with fresher eyes. You understand your own upbringing and predilections as a parent.”

It’s quite interesting that the Wolverine star draws quite a few parallels between himself and Peter Miller. So, it will prove to be an interesting outing in his career for sure.

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The Son arrives on January 20, 2023.

Source: IndieWire

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