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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ To Receive January Release Date


The third season of the hit DC animated series Young Justice reportedly has a release date for when it will make it’s big debut on the DC Universe digital streaming service.

DC Entertainment will reportedly premiere Young Justice: Outsiders on the DC Universe streaming service in January of 2019. The show which was originally developed for Cartoon Network by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti was cancelled after two well-received seasons in 2013, which left fans wondering what was next for the show after it ended on a big cliffhanger.

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However, the show still had a loyal following which was bolstered by the show being available on Netflix for some time. This vocal movement of fans was acknowledged by creator Greg Weisman who had been teasing the notion of a Young Justice revival in 2016 by encouraging fans to continuously watch the series to show DC Entertainment that it was an endeavour worth bringing back. A year later DC Entertainment did confirm that Young Justice was being revived for a third season titled Outsiders, which would still continue the unfolding story arc that was teased at the end of season two. The revival of Young Justice has taken some time to reach it’s post-production stages but fans will find it all well worth the wait.

Twitter user DanielRPK has suggested that Young Justice: Outsiders is slated for a January 4th, 2019 release date. This suggestion is based on the announcement from DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee that Titans season 1 is set to premiere on October 12th and that it would be 12 episodes long with a new episode being aired weekly as part of a plan to have new original content being available every week of the year. By the time the first season ends it’s run, Young Justice: Outsiders could potentially premiere a week later.

The first trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders was released at San Diego Comic Con 2018, which gave fans a quick recap of the events of the past two seasons and introduced them to the story of the upcoming season and all of the new characters that we can expect to appear such as Orion, Forager, and Geo-Force. The show is slated to have 26 episodes which means that there will be plenty of episodes to watch as the DC Universe heads into the winter and spring seasons.

With Young Justice: Outsiders having several more episodes than prior seasons it is unknown if Weisman and Vietti are treating the season as a revival or as a final season that just wraps up a lot of prior storylines instead of setting up future storylines for later seasons. Either way it is something that they can look forward to after the show got pushed back to next year after the delayed premiere of Titans. 

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for Young Justice: Outsiders? Let us know in the comments below!


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