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Young Justice Season 4 Announced

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Just when you thought DC Fandome was finished with its surprise announcements, they hit us with the official title and logo for the upcoming fourth season to the acclaimed Young Justice series. On September 12th inside the WatchVerse of DC Fandome, the panel titled Young Justice – Cast Audio Play Performance and Panel brought together Jason Spisak, Khary Payton, Stephanie Lemelin, Nolan North, Denise Boutte, Danica McKellar and Crispin Freeman to perform a voice reading of a future episode from the upcoming season. At the end of the reading executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti finally announced Young Justice: Phantoms as the official title of season four.

Young Justice Phantoms Logo

After Bruce Timm and Paul Dini finished their run with the DC Animated Universe, we were left wondering what DC Animations next big thing would be. The found success with series like The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and other various series. But it was Young Justice that brought back the idea series we had been craving since the DCAU ended. Its broad storytelling, memorable world building and emotional tether to the character is what made fans beg developers to make more episodes after it was cancelled in 2013.

Young Justice Phantoms I

For those who don’t know, this series picked up a following similar to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut when the series was cancelled after its second season. But with enough backing from fans the show was rebooted for a third season in 2019, premiering on the DC Universe subscription service and given the title Young Justice: Outsiders. While season one focused on the development of the team and their investigation of villain team The Light, the second season Young Justice: Invasion brought on more sidekicks to the team as they work together to bring down the alien race known as The Reach. Season three focused on the team stopping meta-human trafficking ring, as well as internal political situations with Markovia.

Young Justice Phantoms III

No official release date has been announced yet for Young Justice: Phantoms, but we are anticipating the series to release next year or early 2022. The creators mentioned that the current global pandemic has caused some issues with the development, but they are still adamant to get the fourth season out to fans as soon as possible.

Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!