“Your daughter has a great butt”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Creeped Out His Ex-Wife Maria Shriver’s Mother In Their First Meeting, Regrets Risking Marriage With Vulgar Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger Creeped Out His Ex-Wife Maria Shriver's Mother In Their First Meeting, Regrets Risking Marriage With Vulgar Comments
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, popularly known for his iconic role – The Terminator (1984), once passed an embarrassing comment upon meeting his ex-wife Maria Shriver’s mother, he said on Conan O’Brien’s show in ‘99.


The former Mr. Universe met Shriver’s family much before he was actually a Hollywood star, according to Insider. Schwarzenegger’s breakthrough film came in 1982 – Conan the Barbarian, but he met Maria Shriver in 1977; he had retired from professional bodybuilding by that time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger attended a charity tennis match that was organized by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who was John F. Kennedy’s (former US President) sister and Maria Shriver’s mother.


As Insider noted, the Kennedys had also organized a welcoming party prior to the match and that’s where Arnold Schwarzenegger met Shriver.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Regretted His Vulgar Comment

Schwarzenegger has, on multiple occasions, said that his first meeting with ex-wife Maria Shriver was incredibly awkward. Shriver was quite interested in him, according to her mother, but the rising star blew it by passing an odd comment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with ex-wife Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger with ex-wife Maria Shriver

“I have to bust you on something, I did some research on you and I read that when you met your wife, you told her mother that you thought [Maria] had a great butt,” – said Conan O’Brien.

“First of all, where did you get that information? I mean, this is inside information… but anyway, you’re absolutely right. I did say that. It was one of those big mistakes that you regret after,” replied Schwarzenegger.

Joking further, Arnold Schwarzenegger said to Conan O’Brien that if he had a chance for a do-over, he would have said the same thing to Eunice Shriver instead.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Called Eunice Shriver The Devil

Schwarzenegger played Jericho Cane in a horror film called End of Days (1999). The film centered around the devil Satan who looked to harm humanity. In order to prepare for the film, the actor said that he studied Satanic cults. But he also had another one up his sleeve for Maria Shriver’s mother.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Eunice Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Eunice Shriver

“How did you prepare for the role of fighting with the devil?” – asked O’Brien.

“Well… I hung out with my mother-in-law a lot,” giggled Schwarzenegger. “You have to prepare yourself the right way, so I did research in Satanic kind of cults and stuff like that.”

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Schwarzenegger, after creeping out Shriver, got hitched to her in 1986. His marriage, however, ended in 2021; after it was found that he had a child with one of his housekeepers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger currently stars in a Netflix original series Fubar; released on May 25.


Source: Conan O’Brien, Insider


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