“You’re a f*king dick and you betrayed your best f*king friend”: David Fincher Made Andrew Garfield Hate DC Star on the Set of $225M Movie

David Fincher Made Andrew Garfield Hate DC Star on the Set of $225M Movie
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David Fincher is an acclaimed American filmmaker renowned for his expertise in crafting dark and atmospheric narratives. His directorial portfolio boasts iconic movies like Fight Club, Se7en, and The Social Network. His meticulous focus on detail and distinctive visual flair have firmly established him among the elite ranks of cinema directors.

David Fincher
David Fincher

In 2009, Empire magazine visited the set of David Fincher’s iconic film, The Social Network, widely regarded as one of the greatest dramas in cinematic history. During their visit, they observed the filming of arguably the film’s most renowned scene: the intense confrontation between Eduardo and Mark, punctuated by Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker chiming in.

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How Did David Fincher Shoot The Iconic Scene

This scene featured some of Aaron Sorkin’s most brilliant dialogue, including the memorable “f*ck-you flip-flops” line, and it seemed poised to secure Andrew Garfield an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Nev Pierce explained that during the 70-day shoot in December 2009, on day 34, David Fincher called out to Andrew Garfield, urging him to convey a sense of disintegration in a challenging scene. Garfield, impeccably dressed in a dark suit and nailing a flawless US accent, portrayed the character’s rage and anguish repeatedly. However, the relentless scene took a toll on him, and after struggling with a particular word, he vented his frustration with profanity. Ultimately, a total of 25 Apple laptops would meet their demise in this demanding sequence.

The Social Network

Pierce details a method employed by Fincher to elicit peak performances from Jesse Eisenberg during his close-up shots.


Pierce told Empire:

“Garfield leaves to change into his own, casual clothes, before returning to crouch behind the camera as it hovers close to Eisenberg. Just before the camera rolls, he leans towards him and hisses, ‘You’re a f*cking dick and you betrayed your best f*cking friend. Live with that.’ It’s shocking to hear. It certainly helps with the take. And it is evidence both of Garfield’s professional generosity and Fincher’s nous – for the abuse was at the director’s instruction, to help Eisenberg get in the right headspace for the scene.”

Presently, David Fincher just released The Killer, featuring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, a film centered around a conscientious assassin, at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

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James Cameron Might’ve Saved David Fincher’s Film

In discussing the challenges that director David Fincher encountered while working on Alien 3, James Cameron disclosed that he would have undoubtedly tackled the project with a distinct approach.

James Cameron
James Cameron

Cameron said (via The Playlist):

“David Fincher is a friend of mine, and he’s an amazing filmmaker, unquestionably. That was kind of his first big gig, and he was getting vectored around by the studio, and he dropped into the production late, and they had a horrible script, and they were re-writing it on the fly. It was just a mess. I think it was a big mistake. Certainly, had we been involved we would not have done that, because we felt we earned something with the audience for those characters.”

Surprisingly, Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, was working on an Alien-related endeavor. Cameron, enthusiastic about Blomkamp’s vision and script, had hopes of reviving the characters of Newt and Hicks. Regrettably, the project got shelved.


The Social Network is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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Source: Empire, The Playlist


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