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‘You’re dead if you aim only for kids’: Fans Blast Disney CEO Bob Chapek for Saying Adults Don’t ‘Tune into animated movies’

Bob Chapek

Ever since Disney, Pixar, and Dreamwork Studios delved into the world of animation, a new debate began. The age-old debate of animation being only made for kids and not adults rekindled once again.

Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney claimed that adults “don’t tune into animated movies” which led to a host of insults and trolls on Twitter.

Bob Chapek is the CEO of Disney.
Bob Chapek is the CEO of Disney.

Bob Chapek Claims Animated Movies Are Not For Adults

In a video shared on Twitter, Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney is seen during an interview. The video starts abruptly wherein Bob Chapek claims that animated movies are not meant for adults and that they would like something that they can tune into.

Bob Chapek.
Bob Chapek.

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The video has managed to garner a lot of hate for the CEO as many fans commented on their thoughts about the same. Stating various reasons for watching the movie, the adults came together and claimed that adult people too like animated movies.

“I always say that one our fans and audiences put their kids to bed at night after watching Pinocchio or Dumbo or The Little Mermaid, they are probably not gonna tune into another animated movie. They want something for them” said Bob Chapek during the course of the video.

Many people took to Twitter and commented about their stories regarding animated movies and how some movies, despite being too childish managed to change perspectives.

The topic of animation is thrown under the bus as the age-old debate rekindles once again. Although the age demographic for animated movies are aimed at kids, several movies like Frozen, Inside Out, and, Soul changes the way adults perceive the world around them.

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Bob Chapek Is Hitting New Levels of Privacy

Bob Chapek along with Mickey Mouse.
Bob Chapek along with Mickey Mouse.

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During the half-hour session with Wall Street Journal, Bob Chapek explained how he had planned to incorporate Disney+ streaming activity along with a person’s experience at Disney theme parks! The CEO went on to explain that with the audience’s permission, the theme parks would get notified about what you liked or disliked about your previous visit and “what you’ve been through” to make your next visit more enjoyable.

“If you’re on Disney+, we should be aware, assuming you give us the permission to have that awareness, of what happened, what you experienced, what you liked the last time you visited a park. And, vice versa, when you’re in a park, we should know what your viewing habits are on Disney+.”

There has been no official response from Bob Chapek regarding the adult and kids animated movies debate as he prepares for the upgradation of the theme parks and some modifications to Disney+.

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