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“You’re going to have s*x with a goat. I’m going now”: Robin Williams Recounted His Terrifying Blackouts That Ended Disastrously After Waking Up With Strange Objects

Robin Williams Recounted His Terrifying Blackouts That Ended Disastrously After Waking Up With Strange Objects

As Robin Williams effortlessly left audiences in stitches with his impeccable comedic timing and out-of-the-world improvisations, little did many realize that he was fighting battles of his own off-stage. From being awake for days under the influence of speed pills to terrifying blackouts that left him in bizarre situations, Williams’ life was a roller-coaster of highs and lows.


Robin Williams Reveals Waking Up To Inexplicable Situations

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ magnetic, manic energy was undeniably his trademark. But this manic behavior, as Williams revealed, was not just an act for the stage or screen. Driven to extreme lengths by his substance addictions, Williams would be up and buzzing for days. The actor described an instance to Jonathan Ross on his talk show where he was given two-speed pills.

“I took them… and three days later I was like, ‘Oh boy, why am I in Bombay?’ And then the weird thing is you’re up and you’re up and you’re up, but when you crash, even the devil’s going, ‘Dude, this is not going to go well’.”

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Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Perhaps the most startling revelations came from Williams’ experiences with blackouts. These weren’t just episodes of memory lapse – they were complete losses of control. The comic also joked with the talk show host about waking up in inexplicable situations.

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“When you drink, you have this thing called ‘blackouts.’ Well, they’re not really blackouts; it’s more like sleepwalking with activities. I think it’s your brain going, ‘Listen, you’re about to have s*x with a goat. I’m going now. I don’t know how it’ll be, maybe bad, I’m not sure, but good luck. I’m going on vacation. I’m gonna leave the p*nis on. Whatever happens, it’s okay. I’m gonna try and have you sh*t your pants to slow you down.'”

Waking up with bizarre objects or in strange situations became an unnerving norm for Williams, emphasizing the terrifying grip addiction had on him.

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Robin Williams Talks About His Experience With Cocaine

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

The allure of substance-induced highs was something Williams described with brutal honesty. Speaking about his frequent usage of cocaine, he recounted the myriad of emotions it spurred.


“Oh, I mean, so many of us did it. And you get through it. And there’ll be those nights when you do cocaine, and you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna die.’ And then you wake up the next morning, ‘I didn’t die. Let’s try it again.’ Insanity, you know? And what a great drug. Any drug that makes you paranoid and impotent, how much fun can you have?”

Although the stories may seem grim, Robin Williams was honest about his challenges, seeking assistance and beginning the journey towards sobriety. The entertainment world suffered a great loss when Robin Williams passed away in 2014.

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The Hollywood celeb’s exceptional talent left an unforgettable impression. Robin Williams was more than just a comedian. Behind his jokes and performances, he faced the challenges of fame, addiction, and personal struggles.


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