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You’re Lying If You Say You Didn’t Cry At The End Of These 25 Movies

Sometimes a big cathartic cry is all that you need to get through your week. After all, the comfort that follows has no match. Science has even proven that when you cry, you release these feel-good chemicals called oxytocin and endorphins that help ease both physical and emotional pain. According to one study from researchers at Oxford University, watching sad movies puts people in better moods, gives higher pain tolerance, and increases endorphins. 

The finest produced emotional dramas have always bought tears with their culmination. If these cinematic tear-jerkers haven’t made you cry, keen, or curl up into a little ball, God knows what will! Check out our list of emotional movie endings that never fail to make people cry.

1. When Owen Wilson’s character said ‘Thank you for being a part of our family’ to his dog before getting him euthanized in Marley and Me.

2. When Andy made the tough decision of passing down all his toys including Woody, to Bonnie in Toy Story 3 

3. When Bruno and Shmuel along with the prisoners were put in a chamber and gassed in The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

4. When we saw the spirits of Seita and Setsuko getting reunited after the hard life they experienced in Grave Of The Fireflies.

5. When Joel and Clem in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind decided to continue their relationship, despite knowing the fact that they’ve previously broken up in past.

6. In Bridge To Terabithia, when Jess decided to build a bridge across the river to honour the memory of Leslie who fell from a swinging rope. He later told May Belle that she was the new ruler of Terabithia.

7. When Mulan gave her father gifts to honor the Fa Family and he tossed them aside to hug her instead.

8. When Riley broke down after reuniting with her family in Inside Out and confessed that she missed her old life. the scene got even warmer when her parents hugged her.

9. In the movie The Green Mile, when John Coffey was accused of rape and murder of two little girls and was later even electrocuted despite Paul Edgecomb confirming that he was innocent.

10. When Will narrated an imaginary story of his father’s final moments in Big Fish and told that he laid him down in a river where he transformed into a catfish.

11. When Miguel sang “Remember Me” to Mama Coco so that she could recall the memories of her father in Coco.

12. When Forrest bid his son goodbye as he left for his first day at school in Forrest Gump.

13. In Saving Private Ryan, when James looked at the grave of Captain Miller and questioned his wife if he was worthy of the sacrifices that were made to save him. 

14. When Hachi was suffering from cancer and passed away in Hachi: A Dog’s Tale but finally reunited with Parker after 10 long years

15. In the movie About Time, when it hit Tim that the birth of his daughter was a sign of him not being able to see his father again in the future so they traveled back in time to relive one last memory from Tim’s childhood together. 

16. In the movie My Girl, when Vada couldn’t accept the fact that her best friend Thomas was dead and insisted him on putting on his glasses so he could wake up.

17. When Coop reunited with Murphy in the final minutes of Interstellar and said that she knew he was gonna come back one day as her dad promised.

18. When Carl showed up at Russell’s award ceremony in Up and awarded him with his “Assisting The Elderly” badge, as well as a special Ellie badge.

19. In The Iron Giant, when The Giant flew into the path of an oncoming missile and sacrificed his own life to save Hogarth and the town of Rockwell. 

20. In the last few minutes of Monsters, Inc. where we saw Sully cheerfully reunited with his little friend Boo

21. When Cooper in The Fox And The Hound stood in front of Tod to stop Slade from shooting him. That moment restored their age-old friendship and was so beautiful.

22. When Aragorn became the King of Gondor in Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King and the Hobbits that they shall bow to one from now on 

23. When Oskar was presented with a ring in Schindler’s List that had a Talmudic quotation engraved on it. The ring however reminded him of the countless lives that he was unable to save and he started to sob

24. When excerpts from Andy Beckett’s childhood were shown during his funeral in Philadelphia.

25. When Edward was left to live out the rest of his life all by himself in his tower in Edward Scissorhands


What other movies have made you ugly cry? Share with us in the comment section below!


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