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“You’re making a mockery of this injury”: Jeremy Renner Hiding Concerning Details From His Doctor After Nearly Losing His Life Upsets His Friend

“You’re making a mockery of this injury”: Jeremy Renner Hiding Concerning Details From His Doctor After Nearly Losing His Life Upsets His Friend

2023 has been one grand misadventure for Jeremy Renner and barely a quarter of the year is done. For starters, the Marvel star’s highly successful career post-MCU took off with Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown premiering on Paramount+ in January. His new show, Rennervations, is now taking off on Disney+. But nothing comes close to the fact that he has returned from the maw of certain death. As he makes his first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jeremy Renner speaks about his experience on New Year’s Day.

Jeremy Renner makes first public appearanc since accident
Jeremy Renner makes first public appearance since the accident

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Jeremy Renner Has Returned to the World of Show Business

Shortly after the Diane Sawyer interview is released, the world finds Jeremy Renner dancing and swaying his way into the sets of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Speaking about the events that unfolded on January 1st, the actor skimmed over the details of the accident, poked a bit of fun at himself at the cost of his injuries, and promoted his new show, Rennervations, at length. But when the subject of the theme park came up, Renner’s visit (and the images and video that have surfaced on the internet) to Magic Mountain did seem disconcerting to the host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jeremy Renner on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Kimmel sarcastically asks his guest, “Now, do doctors recommend Six Flags?” and Renner casually dismisses the matter claiming, “I didn’t tell them.” The actor can be then seen in a video aired by the show where he drives around in an electric scooter blasting loud music from a speaker, enjoying his trip to Magic Mountain just as much as the kids around him. Kimmel, seeing Renner’s blasé attitude, tells him:

“Jeremy, you’re making a mockery of this injury, you really are! It’s like you’re taunting God. You’re, like, threatening him, ‘Try it again!’”

Renner laughs it off saying, “I promise you, I’m in tons of pain. I promise you.” The actor’s appearance on the talk show is merely one of the several feats he has defiantly achieved despite being barely able to walk only a month prior.

Jeremy Renner Promotes His New Show, Rennervations

Jeremy Renner at Rennervations premiere
Jeremy Renner at Rennervations premiere

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If sainthood was still a thing in this day and age, perhaps Jeremy Renner could contend for a place among the nominees this year. The actor has been on hyperdrive ever since waking up from his injuries. His new show, Rennervations, acquires large vehicles and modifies them into efficient creations to help children and communities find opportunities.

The show witnesses the Hawkeye star filming each episode alongside several experts from various fields, taking their advice and using their skill set to reimagine the vehicles into something more proficient. Rennervations premieres on 12 April 2023 on Disney+.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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