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“You’re not allowed to do that, that’s a cheat move”: Joe Rogan is Not a Fan of Marvel’s Boss Kevin Feige Bringing Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder

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During the initial stages of building the MCU from the ground up, Thor played a major role in helping Marvel Studios to do the heavy lifting with the help of Chris Hemsworth’s reliable superhero shoulders. With the introduction of The Norse Deity into the MCU in 2012’s Thor, fans were beyond elated to find out that the scene of superheroes in the universe had shifted, and there is a new heavy-hitter in town apart from the Hulk.

Dad Bod Thor returns...
Dad Bod Thor in Avengers: Endgame

After the initial introduction, The God Of Thunder appeared in several films alongside other characters from the pages of Marvel Comics, making the fandom even more hungry for his solo endeavors in the MCU. And with the latest film Thor: Love and Thunder, audiences were introduced to gods and other mythical beings from other mythologies as well. While most loved the inclusion and representation, Joe Rogan disagreed with one character’s addition even before the movie’s release.

Joe Rogan Doesn’t Approve Of Hercules’ Addition In Thor: Love And Thunder

Brett Goldstein as Hercules
Thor 4 mid-credits scene features Brett Goldstein as Hercules, son of Zeus

The recent excursion of Chris Hemsworth took his character of Thor into the far reaches of the universe to the planet of Omnipotence City, where the Norse God of Thunder is finally able to meet his childhood idol, the Greek God of The Skies, Zeus. This proved the existence of many mythological characters from human mythologies and stories as the introduction of Thor did with his appearance, proving that these beings had their hands in shaping human civilization.

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It may seem natural to many that they included these Gods in the Thor storyline, but some also dislike this choice made by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, especially Joe Rogan. The host of The Joe Rogan Experience has expressed his disapproval of the inclusion of these deities, and Hercules in particular, into the MCU. During an interview with Alonzo Bodden, even before the release of the recent Thor movie, Rogan disapproved of the existence of Hercules in the comics.

He said:

“By the way, why would you have Hercules in the comic books? You got lucky with Thor, leave it at that. You stole one god, you can’t steal any other mythical characters” 

 Again, Rogan was not on board with Hercules being in the comics even before Thor: Love and Thunder was in the picture, and after the release of the movie, he was just more displeased.

What’s Next For Thor?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder
Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder

After the lackluster performance of the film by Taika Waititi, the executives as well as Chris Hemsworth himself have decided to revamp the silly image that Thor: Love and Thunder created of the character. The plan now with the next Thor film will be to make him a complete badass once again, although it seems like this would not be the case as Hemsworth has been reported to be susceptible to dementia, which might hinder or even end the character of Thor in the future.

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Thor: Love and Thunder, now streaming on Disney+

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