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“You’re not even allowed to show a bloody ni*ple, it’s pathetic”: Pierce Brosnan Despised the Watered Down Violence and S*x Scene in His James Bond Movie

"You’re not even allowed to show a bloody ni*ple, it's pathetic": Pierce Brosnan Despised the Watered Down Violence and S*x Scene in His James Bond Movie

Over the years, many Hollywood stars have donned the title, 007, and the makers are in search of the next actor who could bring the MI6 agent back on the big screen. One of the several actors who are quite popular for portraying the character is Pierce Brosnan, who featured in the James Bond films in the 90s and early 2000s. He starred in four films during his tenure as the secret agent, which went on to become one of his most popular roles.

Pierce Brosnan in a still from Tomorrow Never Dies
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

However, there were still a few things he was not satisfied with. The GoldenEye actor talked about the things he did not like about his James Bond movies, which also included the violence and the s*x scenes, during an interview with GQ.

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Things Pierce Brosnan Didn’t Like About His James Bond Movies

Pierce Brosnan had issues with some of the things about his James Bond movies. He believed that his time as James Bond was not fully utilized and that the makers could have done more in several aspects. “I felt I was caught in a time warp between Roger and Sean,” he said during an interview.

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Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan

He shared that the violent scenes in his movies were “never real” and called them “tame,” as the characterization didn’t follow through the reality. Another thing he wasn’t quite sure about was the s*x scenes.

He claimed that the character needs good action sequences and good intimate scenes. “You’re not even allowed to show a bloody nipple,” he told GQ during an interview. However, the Entangled actor believes these things were lacking during his tenure as the MI6 agent.

Die Another Day (2002)
Die Another Day (2002)

And he called them “pathetic” as Brosnan explained how that could have been done in his James Bond movies. He even claimed that despite the success he received from playing James Bond, he has no desire to watch himself portraying the secret agent.


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Pierce Brosnan Did Not Enjoy Playing James Bond

Pierce Brosnan made his debut as James Bond with the 1995 film GoldenEye and was last seen as the MI6 agent in the 2002 action adventure Die Another Day. His time portraying the character not only brought him new opportunities but also established him as one of the most popular Hollywood stars.

Pierce Brosnan starred in 4 films as James Bond.
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

However, the actor still claims that he did not enjoy his time portraying the secret agent. He shared during an interview that he does not want to watch himself as James Bond, as he claimed that it was never good enough and called it “horrible.”

English actor Daniel Craig succeeded The Matador star and portrayed the character from 2006 to 2021, and his movies in the franchise are also considered some of the most successful so far. However, after featuring in the fourth installment, he shared that he did not feel the same about it.

james bond movie daniel craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

“I said, ‘This is it. I don’t want to do anymore,’ “ he shared. His tenure was completed with the 2021 film No Time to Die, and makers are looking for a new face to take over the popular spy after him.

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Source: GQ

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