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“You’re not invincible”: Hugh Jackman’s Wife Reminded Him of His Own Mortality After Wolverine Star Was Ready to Risk His Life for Freak Stunt

"You're not invincible": Hugh Jackman's Wife Reminded Him of His Own Mortality After Wolverine Star Was Ready to Risk His Life for Freak Stunt

Hugh Jackman has shown the world in the best possible way about how talented he is. His role as Wolverine got him so much fame and put him on top of the Hollywood industry. He has worked hard in all his movies, giving his absolute best to make sure the work he puts into the movies helps make their blockbusters.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

The actor has done so many of his stunts on his own stunts in order to make all of his shots seem as genuine as possible. This is not unusual to see in actors. However, many pay the price with chronic pain and severe injuries. Jackman almost became one of them had it not been for his wife.

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Hugh Jackman Almost Broke His Neck While Filming

Hugh Jackman has done a lot of his own stunts with the help of gradual steps and heavy training. He has taken a lot of guidance when it comes to doing his stunts so as to not have to endure severe injuries. However, it is not as if he has gotten away with barely getting hurt. While there have been injuries he got, he has even gotten away with being the person in a movie to get hurt the least. Unfortunately, one incident tested the limits of his wife.

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Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Jackman recalled one stunt that risked his life dangerously. It was a scene requiring him to get out of a train and onto the roof. Fight scenes on top of trains aren’t uncommon and the director wanted a unique edge to it. The scene in question was something he did manage to pull off, but not without having his neck getting stuck while doing so. The injury was so bad that he was sure his neck was broken.

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Hugh Jackman’s Wife Did Not Hold Back While Screaming At Him

When his wife learned about the events that conspired, she was not happy. In fact, she screamed at him profusely, making sure he never took a risk as big as he did that one time. She reminded him of his mortality and how he could not go on about doing whatever he stunt he wanted to.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman in Logan

“It was one of those moments when my wife looked at me and said, ‘What are you doing? Enough playing in the schoolyard! You are not invincible.’”

Deborra-Lee Furness made sure he would not repeat a stunt like that. While she is not someone who would scream as often, this incident made sure he would use a stunt double instead of doing them himself. The stunt during The Wolverine confirmed for him that just major risks were off the table.

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