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“You’re not the star, you just do enough exposition”: Ryan Reynolds Humiliated T.J. Miller For Hogging the Spotlight in Deadpool, Fans Say Stop Entertaining an Abuser

ryan reynolds deadpool tj miller

T.J. Miller who starred as Weasel alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool says that the actor does not seem to like him on a recent episode of The Adam Carolla Show, negating any chances of Wade Wilson’s bartender taking his job back once again. Even though Miller had been in both the Deadpool movies so far, there will be no question of his return due to the multiple charges that have been put on him.

T.J. Miller refuses to resume his role in future Deadpool films
T.J. Miller as Weasel in Deadpool

Deadpool 3 has already kicked off with a dream cast of many, however, T.J. Miller would not be a part of it, and neither do the fans nor the producers want to risk having him in the movie with his complex history with the law. The actor was arrested back in 2018.

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T. J. Miller Thinks Ryan Reynolds Does Not Like Him

During his interview, the Silicon Valley actor confessed how Ryan Reynolds used to act rather weird around him on the set of Deadpool and that the actor would be unusually mean to him.

Stranger Things FandomWire
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

“But to me. As if I’m Weasel,” T.J. Miller said. “He was like, ‘You know what’s great about you, Weasel? You’re not the star, but you do just enough exposition that it’s funny, and then we can leave and get back to the real movie…I just kind of listened and thought it was weird, and then I got off stage because they were like, ‘Cut…?’”

Miller has previously been accused of sexual assault back in 2017 and had also been arrested in 2018 for allegedly making a fake bomb threat on the Amtrak Train. Although the case was dismissed by the prosecutors, he was then also accused of bullying his co-star Alice Wetterlund on the sets of Silicon Valley, which he ended up denying.

Ryan Reynolds likes comic books
Ryan Reynolds

“Because I’m not funnier than he is at all, right? And I haven’t been in more movies than him.”

He pointed out how the Big Hero 6 voice actor still wishes The Proposal actor well as he is a great comedian and an even greater Deadpool. He stated how Ryan Reynolds is quick with his jokes, saying that ever since his skyrocketing fame from Deadpool, he has changed.

Even with all of T.J. Miller’s statements, the fans still do not want to take his side due to all of his accusations.

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The Fans Take Ryan Reynolds’ Side Instead Of T. J. Miller

Ever since the interview was published, fans have been standing against T.J. Miller and how “he wasn’t a likable person after all those accusations.

Ganging up against the How To Train Your Dragon actor, fans hold a lot of questions as to why T.J. Miller would get interviewed after being a controversial actor as well as losing a fan base of many.

Miller’s stand against The Free Guy actor has only proven to backfire against him with the Silicon Valley alum being established as the “bad guy.”

Deadpool 3 is set to release in late 2024.

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Source: Variety

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