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“You’re talking well over $1 Million in damages”: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Caused Insane Amount of Damage to the City, Says Insurance Expert

"You're talking well over $1 Million in damages": Robert Pattinson's The Batman Caused Insane Amount of Damage to the City, Says Insurance Expert

The Batman released in 2022 is hailed as one of the best movies to be based on the caped crusader. Initially, Robert Pattinson’s casting led to a lot of fans doubting the movie but ultimately it turned out to be a memorable performance by the Twilight fame. Besides the performances, the stylization of the movie and certain action scenes were also appreciated. The car chase sequence between Batman and Penguin was one of the best sequences.

Robert Pattinson as Batman
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Action and chase sequences are nothing new in movies which often leads us to imagine the scenario if such an event occurs in reality. But one thing’s for sure it would have cost a monstrous financial loss. An insurance expert while speaking about memorable catastrophic incidents in superhero movies added that The Batman chase in reality would have cost Penguin a fortune.

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Insurance expert breaks the chase sequence in The Batman

The Batman Chase sequence
A still from the famous chase sequence in The Batman

The ardent fans would still remember the moment when the Batmobile takes the start in The Batman. That unique sound raised goosebumps and what followed can be regarded as one of the most amazing car chase sequences in the recent past.

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During an interview with Vanity Fair, insurance expert Stacey Giulianti revealed that had this been a real-life scenario, it would have been a massive financial blow to Penguin. The reckless driving by him ignoring everything and the damage caused by it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

“In terms of property damage, you have the value of the tractor trailer, which appeared to be carrying fuel, and at least three or four other trucks, along with private vehicles damaged, each one would have been a total loss, no doubt in my mind, So, you’re talking well over $1 million in damages.”

But on one side if the Collin Farrell character is given such a hefty fine, Batman would also not be spared. Despite showing some mercy due to the safety measures taken by the Robert Pattinson character in the chase scene, Giulanti was unimpressed by his acts in the climax of the movie.


“That’s not an act of negligence. That’s an act of recklessness and recklessness is something that Batman would actually be liable for.”

Further in the interview, the insurance expert also added how the snap in Avengers: Infinity War and the climax in Man of Steel would lead to major financial effects in real life. On the other hand, looks like The Batman-Part II can present to us some more insane sequences than what we have seen till now.

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What do we know about The Batman 2?

The Batman (2022)
Robert Pattinson in The Batman (2022)

Fans found peace when James Gunn announced that his plan for a cohesive DCU would not affect the storylines of Matt Reeves’ The Batman Universe or the Joker world created by Todd Phillips. Given the successes of both projects, it was expected that Gunn would be willing to continue those.

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According to reports by Deadline, the upcoming part of the Robert Pattinson movie will feature Clayface as the new antagonist. It raised hype among the fans who scratched their heads to theorize about which of the two versions of Clayface in the DC comics can appear in the movie. As this universe is known for its grounded approach, the Basil Karlo version can be the potential villain in the new movie.

But even before the sequel to The Batman, Matt Reeves’ universe will also get a TV series on Collin Farrell’s character titled The Penguin which is scheduled for a 2024 release on HBO Max.

The Batman can be streamed on HBO Max while the sequel is slated to release on October 3, 2025.

Source: Vanity Fair 


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