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YouTuber Has a Meltdown Before Playing ‘Starfield’, Screams in Anger As Bethesda’s Game Allows Fans to Choose Their Pronouns

YouTuber Has a Meltdown Before Playing 'Starfield', Screams in Anger As Bethesda's Game Allows Fans to Choose Their Pronouns

Starfield is one of the most awaited video games to launch in 2023, and arguably even beyond that, given how long fans have been looking forward to it. Created by storied developer Bethesda, and directed by studio veteran Todd Howard, it joins the latest in a long line of open-world role-playing games (RPGs) by them.

Starfield will be available only on PC and Xbox consoles

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However, the game hasn’t been without its controversies and criticisms, ranging from the usual bugs and glitches present at a game of this scale at launch to a mixed reaction to space exploration and more. One such controversy, though, seems to be related to gender pronouns, a complex, multifaceted discussion that is taking place outside of gaming and in society at large.

Fandomwire Video

What did one YouTuber have to say about gender pronouns in Starfield?

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, HeelVsBabyface went on an emotional, expletive-filled rant on gender pronouns in Starfield, and he got more and more distressed as he spoke. He said:

“I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every f*cking conceivable opportunity so that you can f*cking current-day us. Sorry, you wanted to get immersed in our world? Guess what, f*cking pronouns! F*cking gender ambiguity! F*cking current-day Californian sh*t, because that’s what we f*cking know because we are boring. We’re so, f*cking, boring! We can’t see past our own f*cking reflections, that’s the level of our narcissism at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company.”

A city from Starfield
A city from Starfield

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In the same video, he accused Bethesda of robbing him and other players like him of their escapism and fantasies, saying:

“F*ck your immersion, f*ck you having a good time. F*ck you falling into a world and getting lost. No, no, no! Current f*cking day, f*ck off! You’re boring, you’re f*cking dull. You have nothing to say, you are a one-hived mind twatwaffle. That’s all you f*cking are. And you wonder why people are getting f*cking sick and tired? You take everything we love, all our immersions, all our fantasies, all our escapism and you just can’t help shovel your dogsh*t f*cking crap ideology into everything. Every single solitary f*cking thing.”

HeelVsBabyface, in this fiery video, has made his displeasure known, but there are many who strongly disagreed with him after his rant went viral.

Character creation in Starfield

Starfield features detailed character customization at the start of the game, among them the aforementioned gender pronouns. But they are far from the only thing you can choose in the game. The game’s character creation is divided into five categories: Biometric ID, Body, Face, Background, and Traits.

Starfield spaceship
Starfield will allow players to customize their spaceship

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Biometric ID is like a base outline from which players can create their characters in the game, and it has over forty options to choose from. This can be changed later in game by visiting a genetics facility as well. Body, as the name suggests, allows for body creation and types, including how your character walks. The face tab is closely related and allows players to customize faces, and it features the most options of the five categories.

As for Background, this is a very detailed backstory option for the player’s character, and comes with several options to choose from, all of which give the character some personality and depth. Lastly, Traits allow for players to choose up to three of them, such as Introvert, Empath and many more.

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