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“You’ve ticked every box like a good studio executive”: James Cameron Defends ‘Extremely Long’ Avatar Flying Sequence, Left Fox Studios Humiliated

James Cameron Defends ‘Extremely Long’ Avatar Flying Sequence, Left Fox Studios Humiliated

James Cameron is widely regarded as a modern-day artist who breathes life into his work and brings visual spectacles that are unimaginable to the common mind through his movies. Some of his most well-known films include the cinematic masterpiece Titanic and the modern-day visual feast of the Avatar series, the director has created an image in the industry of his golden touch that makes any project that he works on a guaranteed blockbuster.

James Cameron
James Cameron

His major success in the film industry comes from his ability to live the story that he has created and share that experience with the audience through the medium of a camera lens and a movie screen. Every shot that his project has contains a reason for it being there, which many people either don’t notice or ignore most of the time. A similar situation arose once when his ideas were not understood by the studio executives, and he had to tell them the importance of that idea.

James Cameron Explains The Long Flight sequences of Avatar to clueless studio executives

A still from Avatar

If people search for a visionary that has the ability to blow the audience’s mind with never-before-seen concepts and creations, then their search will lead them to James Cameron. Widely regarded as one of the GOATs of the industry, his ability to take the audiences on a journey through his mind in the form of his movies is something almost no one else can do, which explains how two of his movies have crossed the $2 Billion mark so easily.

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Although his vision can be seen by everyone in the end product, most cannot see them during the production process. During his MasterClass session, the Terminator director had created extensive flight scenes for the first Avatar, which in his view, were integral to the storyline and the world-building in general, but the executives at 20th Century Fox could not see any merit to those. Then, the director had to educate them on why he had to put all of those scenes in the final product.

In the MasterClass, he said:

“When Avatar was almost over, and they were complaining ‘why do these flying scenes go on for so long? You’ve proved the point, it doesn’t advance the narrative, it doesn’t advance the character.’ I said you’ve proved the point, you’re right on every count, you’ve checked all the boxes like a good studio executive. But guess what? I want to see it. If i wanna see it, my cognitive leap is there are going to be lots of people that want to see it”

And right he was, as now, Avatar stands to be the most commercially successful movie in the whole world, and its sequel seems to also be catching the wave to reach that destination.

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What’s Next For Avatar?

Avatar 2 brings the Metkayina to the center
Avatar: The Way of Water brings the Metkayina to the centerfold of the film’s narrative

With a whole new side to the exosolar planet of Pandora to explore, Avatar: The Way of Water plunges into the depths of its oceans to show the audiences the unexplored side of the world. With the movie now out in cinemas, fans are already eager for the next installment, which thankfully, has already completed production and is ready to be released on short notice. And as Cameron reveals that there are many more clans and many more terrains to explore, the visual beauty of the franchise lives on through it.

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Avatar: The Way of Water, now in cinemas

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