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‘We Hope This SH*T Is So Bad It Brings Togashi Out of Hiding’: Yu Yu Hakusho Fans Call Netflix Live Action Cast ‘Atrocious’, Want Yoshihiro Togashi to Intervene

There never seems to be a lack of content that Netflix wants to turn into a live-action movie/series. A recent cast reveal of the live-action series Yu Yu Hakusho saw the wrath of Twitter with fans demanding a change. So far, there have been massive failures when Netflix tried to convert fan favorite anime into live actions such as Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and more.

Characters in Yu Yu Hakusho.
Characters in Yu Yu Hakusho.

When Netflix revealed its plans for Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi (left) will be played by Takumi Kitamura (right).
Yusuke Urameshi (left) will be played by Takumi Kitamura (right).

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Going all the way back in 2020, Netflix announced a live-action series based on the popular manga/ anime Yu Yu Hakusho. The studios stayed quiet for some time and slowly started revealing more details about the live-action series taking place. The most recent revelation was the main actor that would play the role of Yusuke Urameshi (the protagonist of the animanga) is Takumi Kitamura.

Although very similar in appearance to the protagonist, fans are worried about Netflix potentially ruining their favorite animanga or saving it and introducing it to the new generation of fans around the world.

Some tweets were straight-up aggressive (like the one above) while some tweets were just outright hilarious.

P.S.: Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter!

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The plot of Yu Yu Hakusho

A scene from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho (1992).
A scene from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho (1992).

The plot follows the protagonist Yusuke Urameshi who dies while trying to save a boy from being hit by a car. Instead of passing on further, Botan (a ferry for the spirit world) offers him a chance to return to his body and act as a Spirit Detective to investigate the demonic activities taking place in the human world.

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Yu Yu Hakusho has been known for creating the shonen anime genre so popular. Before Naruto releasing in the US and gaining such popularity, it was Yu Yu Hakusho who stayed at the top for the crown. Several animes and mangas followed the legacy left by Yu Yu Hakusho in the shonen category.

Another point to note is that One piece (Yes, the true challenge for many) is also in the works of a live-action movie. Several of the set photos were revealed by Netflix which made their way around the internet.

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Written by Visarg Acharya