Zach Braff Was “Feeling Those Emotions” After Reuniting With $10M Rich Ex-Girlfriend Florence Pugh for ‘A Good Person’

Zach Braff Was "Feeling Those Emotions" After Reuniting With $10M Rich Ex-Girlfriend Florence Pugh for 'A Good Person'

Zach Braff recently reunited with his former girlfriend, Florence Pugh, at the premiere of the pair’s film, A Good Person. And a lot of emotions and good narration emanated from the two Hollywood stars as they took to elaborately conceive compliments and praises in each other’s name. It is no wonder that the former couple would be so in awe of one another, even after spending years living together, considering how staggeringly talented both of them are in terms of scripting a story and executing it on the screen.

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff on the red carpet
Florence Pugh and Zach Braff on the red carpet

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Zach Braff Comments on the Birth of A Good Person

A story as moving and emotionally powerful as A Good Person is not conceived out of anything. The impact that the story delivers becomes exponential because of Florence Pugh’s performance. Combined with Zach Braff’s personal experience merged with the essential threads of the story, the film immediately becomes a coveted project incapable of being molded into a shape other than the one for whom it was sculpted.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

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During the premiere of the film, Zach Braff, the one who composed the screenplay and directed the film, claimed:

“I wanted to tell the story because I was feeling these emotions. I lost a bunch of people in my life that were very important to me. We were in lockdown and it was time to write. I mean, there was nothing to do other than to start a screenplay because that’s what I meant to do, that’s what I like to do, and I wanted to write something for Florence, and this is kind of what came out of me.”

The writer-director had lost friends and family (father and sister) during the COVID-19 lockdown in the months prior to scripting A Good Person. The avalanche of emotions that rose and lingered in the aftermath found an avenue and an outlet in the project that he modeled around Florence Pugh’s character, Allison.

A Good Person: A Saga of Navigating Grief and Trauma

The story behind A Good Person is as tempestuous in its emotional variance as it is in its scripted dialogues. The grief that Zach Braff endured in his consecutive losses was manifold in their reality and even though the execution of that grief by Florence Pugh on the screen is impeccable, it doesn’t hold a candle to the intensity of Braff’s situation. The pandemic had delivered an unwarranted and crushing blow to billions almost overnight. Within weeks, the toll that kept rising across international lands and seas was unprecedented.

A Good Person (2023)
A Good Person (2023)

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To put all of those emotions into words and churn them out like stories to be told on the screen and consumed by millions of theatergoers takes an immense amount of courage. For Zach Braff, who was living with Florence Pugh at the time, it seems like the sane thing to do in order to relieve himself from the weighted nature of the tragedy around him. And fortunately for the writer/director, his vision was realized with no holds barred by his then-partner, Pugh.

A Good Person premieres on March 24, 2023.

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