Zack Snyder Confirms Snyderverse Trilogy No Longer Part of DCEU

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The battle was hard. The struggle was real. For many, Zack Snyder’s vision for the DC Extended Universe was an abomination. For many more, it was what made the DCEU special. While the rest of the movies of the superhero genre were rife with generic humor and formulaic storytelling, Snyder for what it’s worth, at least tried to take a leap. His experiment was not a success but it left a huge impact on the DCEU, the second highest grossing superhero shared universe in history. But we might have some bad news here. The Snyder-Verse movies are no longer within DCEU continuity. It was officially confirmed by Zack Snyder a few days ago.


With the hype around the Justice League Snyder Cut coming to HBO Max in 2021 being all the rage around town, this piece of news does come as quite a shocker. Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League is a treasured secret that is finally leaving the vault of warner Brothers Studios. The painful thing is fans are having trouble placing it within the larger DC Extended Universe.


The three Snyderverse movies – Man of Steel (2013), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017), were what jump-started the DC shared universe. But the trilogy was screwing up the timeline. So it was time to let them go. At least that is the reason Zack Snyder is giving to the fans.


In a recent interview, Zack Snyder was asked a couple of questions regarding the Snyder Cut and what is the future of the DCEU since he will no longer be going to lead the charge. One of the questions hovered over the Snyderverse. Snyder was quick to address that specific question claiming that his Trilogy was no longer part of DCEU Continuity. It now exists as a separate trilogy outside the shared universe.

“It’s kind of separate now from what I would say the DC cinematic universe [is] in continuity,” Zack Snyder was heard saying. “I think it’s divergent, in that way. And I think that’s a good thing.” The director went on to praise DC and the emphasis its puts on “individual voices” for its films.


While seeing the work of Snyder being disowned by the very studio that hired him to make the universe in his own image does seem painful at first, there might be a silver lining here. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have benefited from a shared continuity. We now clearly know that the level of planning required to pull it off is something Warner Brothers does not have the resources for. What they are good at are standalone productions. The Snyderverse will be seen as a Standalone trilogy. It will neither be demeaned for corrupting the timeline of DCEU nor will it be belittled for being different than the rest of its brethren.

So for the Snyder Fans who are unhappy to see the Snyderverse being disowned by Warner Brothers, look at the bright side of things. We get to have a trilogy of Zack Snyder movies to cherish and adore for the rest of our lives. And this time, there is no Kevin Tsujihara to destroy its sanctity.


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