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‘Zack Snyder is the blueprint’: Joker 2 First Look Unites Zack Snyder Fans Against James Gunn as DC CEO Wipes SnyderVerse From DCU

Joker 2 First Look Unites Zack Snyder Fans Against James Gunn as DC CEO Wipes SnyderVerse From DCU

In 2017, the DCU was flying high at the pinnacle of its popularity with one of its biggest-ever releases, Justice League, which greeted the fandoms of tons of DC superheroes at the end of the year in November. However, it wasn’t as successful as it was panned by critics and fans alike, but it was the very same year when production for Joker started- what is now a landmark movie for the DCU.

Warner Bros. and DC Films had revealed their plans to make a standalone movie based on one of its flagship villains, the Joker, and things were already looking bleak when they announced Todd Phillips would take over. As fans have seen, it was a phenomenal success, but the first look at its sequel has sparked an old debate once again.

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New Look For Joker 2 Is Straight Up Hype Material

When Todd Phillips was announced as the director for the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker in 2017, fans were very hesitant to rate the director. The one big argument they had for his appointment was that he simply made The Hangover trilogy, hinting towards a dismissal that the man just cannot make a movie with a serious overtone, given the dark nature of the DCU and its movies.

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However, he did end up proving the haters wrong. Joker finally release in October 2019 and the acclaim it got for almost everything was monumental. Phillips had proven his worth in the DCU without a background in psychological thrillers, and Phoenix had doubled his popularity as an amazing actor, not to mention the movie scoring over a billion in sales at the box office.

Talks for a sequel soon followed and materialized into a confirmed project with even Lady Gaga being added to the new cast for the highly anticipated sequel. And now, we have our very first look into Joker: Folie à Deux.

From the looks of it, it seems that Joaquin Phoenix’s character might be admitted to a hospital of some sort as he gets his beard shaved, possibly hinting at a flashback sequence.

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Zack Snyder Fan Gets Grilled For Taunting Joker 2’s First Look

It seems like no matter how far Zack Snyder himself stays away from anything to do with the DCU, his cult-like fanbase ends up pulling him back into the mess that he very much sought to get out of.

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Zack Snyder

But it’s been tough for fans of the Man of Steel director as reports from the past few days hinted at the end of the SnyderVerse at the hands of James Gunn and Peter Safran. It painted a bleak future for Snyder, but at least it was good while it lasted.

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And now, a tweet from a Snyder fan comparing the first look of Joker: Folie à Deux with Ben Affleck shaving in Justice League has been put in the middle of a circle and made fun of-

It pays-

A hilarious roast-

Give him some credit, to be fair-

A logical fallacy-

It’s been a rough few days, weeks, even months, or years for fans of the 56-year-old director. Maybe they’ll finally get their closure with Rebel Moon?

Joker: Folie à Deux is set for a theatrical release on October 4, 2024.

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