Zack Snyder is the Ideal Choice to Direct Attack on Titan After Manga Creator Was Inspired by His Cult-Classic DC Film

The Attack on Titan has given the verdict that Zack Snyder should be the person that directs Attack on Titan live action.

zack snyder is the ideal choice to direct attack on titan after manga creator was inspired by his cult-classic dc film


  • Attack on Titan has kept everyone on the edge of their seats for the last ten years, and after its ending the fans are going to miss the anime dearly.
  • But even after its end, there seems to be no end to it, with a new rumor circulating that the fans think Zack Snyder to be the perfect director for Attack on Titan Live Action.
  • Hajime Isayama was inspired by Zack Snyder's Watchmen and 300, and used few of their elements in his magnum opus, and after One Piece Live Action's success, the fans are wishing Zack Snyder to fulfil their dream.
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Attack on Titan has given the fans what they deserve. It was a glorious decade with many emotions and great characters that will live with the fandom throughout their lives. But at the same point, it is sad to think there won’t be horrifying twists anymore. The age of the Titans finally came to an end. At least, that is what the finale portrayed in its last few moments.

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Even though Hajime Isayama’s magnum opus ended, there is still speculation that people might get some Titan action in the future. One of the exciting things about this speculation is that it might have a live-action. Zack Snyder’s Watchmen inspired Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama. So, fans think that if it ever gets a live-action, then Zack Snyder should be the one to direct it.


Fans Want Zack Snyder To Direct Attack on Titan Movie

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A still from Attack on Titan

There are several mangaka who were inspired by Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood celebrities inspired many anime characters. Hajime Isayama did not just base any character on Hollywood culture. Instead, he got inspired by a whole movie. Zack Snyder’s Watchmen inspired Hajime Isayama during Attack on Titan.

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While Watchmen became a cult classic DC film, it was enough to inspire Isayama. Besides Watchman, Isayama was inspired by 300, another Zack Snyder movie. Since Zack Snyder has inspired Hajime Isayama, fans think that he should be the one to direct Attack on Titan if it ever gets made into a live-action.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder Behind the Scenes of Justice League

Zack Snyder is a great director and has had several great movies under his belt. He is well-versed in live-action films, especially after Watchmen and The Justice League. It will be great if he directs Attack on Titan. But these are just speculations, so nothing has been finalized.


More on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan finale was streamed in several countries with over a million views. The 85-minute-long episode will remain etched in the hearts of anime lovers. Eren Jaeger’s sacrifice will make people remember Lelouch from Code Geass, and such was his impact. Just a few hours after its release, the speculation of the fans wanting Zack Snyder to direct Attack on Titan live-action is spreading like wildfire.



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There is a video circulating the internet where Hajime Isayama says that a few of his scenes were inspired by the movie 300. So, the name of Zack Snyder is coming all over again. With One Piece Live Action having found great success, it is natural for the fandom to think about such things more so when the anime is already finished.

Attack on Titan ended on a controversial note
Attack on Titan

Even though it is just a rumor, a little part of the fanbase still wishes it was real. For the moment, we are experiencing the anime magic, and it will go on for a while. But after watching Watchmen and hearing Hajime Isayama’s comments, there is no better person to direct Attack on Titan than Zack Snyder.

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