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It was so f**king awesome”: Sucker Punch Star Jena Malone Proves Yet Again That Zack Snyder is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, Wants to Do a Sequel in Future

Sucker Punch Star Jena Malone Proves Yet Again That Zack Snyder is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood

Into the Wild star, Jena Malone has always been vocal about her opinions. Talking about her film Adopting Audrey, which is inspired by a true story, where an adult woman puts herself for adoption, she shared her experience working with Zack Snyder. Jena Malone started her acting career with 1996 Bastard Out of Carolina. The actress received acclaim for her role and soon she started receiving many acting jobs. She entered into the action films with Zack Snyder’s 2011 film, Sucker Punch.

Jena Malone
Jena Malone

Even though the film was unable to score positive reviews and a good box office collection, it was praised for its direction and visual effects. Jena Malone, who played Rocket, says it was one of her the best experiences she has had while working on a film.

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Sucker Punch Was a Groundbreaking Moment for Jena Malone

Jena Malone played the role of Babygirl’s best friend, Rocket, in Sucker Punch. Though the film did not receive a good response in its initial stages, it soon went on to have a cult following. After which it had many fan campaigns asking for the release of Snyder’s Cut of the film, hoping it would be something different and much better than what they saw in the original film.

Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone in Sucker Punch
Abbie Cornish and Jena Malone in Sucker Punch

However, the Snyder Cut never saw the daylight. Even though the film did not perform well, Jena Malone is still grateful to Zack Snyder for the film and for giving her an opportunity to work with him.

Recalling her time working with Snyder, Jena Malone said it was ‘fu****g awesome.‘ She even claimed that it was one of the best experiences she ever had.

zSPD 12146 1
The Cast of Sucker Punch with Zack Snyder

Talking to ScreenRant Jena Malone said, “I had just never been asked to do so many cool things and then also have the belief instilled in me that I could do those things. That was a very groundbreaking moment in my journey as an actor, so it was pretty cool.”

After the commercial failure of Sucker Punch, Jena Malone started focusing on photography and music. She started her acting career again with History Channel’s miniseries Hayfields and McCoys and went on to feature in some of the best-performing films after that. The actress looks back favorably on Sucker Punch and has even expressed her interest to be a part of the film if it’s gets renewed ever.

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Why There Will Not Be Another Sucker Punch

It is not the first time Jena Malone has praised Zack Snyder. After Sucker Punch, she has always wanted to get back on set with Snyder. The cast of Sucker Punch may look forward to having a reunion for a prequel or sequel of the film, but it may not happen. Possibilities for a Sucker Punch follow-up are very low after Zack Snyder’s fallout from Warner Bros. 

Zack Snyder DCEU
Zack Snyder

However, Snyder is focused on his upcoming Netflix projects, and Jena Malone will finally have a chance to get back with her favorite director once again. The actress is reuniting with her favorite director for the animated Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and the new sci-fi Rebel Moon, which is under production currently in Los Angeles.

Jena Malone

Adopting Audrey follows the story of a woman, who is on verge of losing her partner, her job, and her apartment at the same time. She sees an advertisement for elderly adoption and puts herself up for one. The film was earlier names Porcupine, but the makers decided to change it to ‘Adopting Audrey.’

Adopting Audrey is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Screenrant

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