Zack Snyder Teases Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer


The past few years were quite challenging for the DCEU, and Zack Snyder after the original Snyder cut of Justice League was concealed from the world. Fans will have the original version of the Justice League in theatres next year with things turning in favor of Zack Snyder. Recently, Zack Snyder revealed that he is religiously working on the trailer for the extended cut. 

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The fabled Synder cut movement.

The fabled Snyder Cut movement
Director Zack Snyder during one of his shoot sequences.

Director Zack Snyder was and is the key figure behind the unthwarted success of DCEU. His potential speaks volumes through his films Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. His third movie Justice League (2017)was to join the list of his talented works but went astray due to personal reasons. Joss Whedon penned the theatrical cut of Justice League, which was far from Snyder’s touch. The movie also did not receive well amongst the audience as anticipated. 


Fans of Zack Snyder launched the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement to release the original version of the Justice League. 

The long struggle ends. 

The long struggle ends and is bearing fruit.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League will premiere on HBO Max in 2021.

Zack joined the support wave of his fans by occasionally releasing stills of the Justice League. After three years of waiting, the original Snyder cut is slated for release on HBO Max next year. 


Following that news, Snyder’s fans on the Vero platform posted a string of questions about the extended cut. One fan asked if a new trailer can be expected anytime soon, for which Snyder replied, “Working on it.”

Quite a lot of math has to go into this trailer release. The previously released Justice League is only a quarter of what Snyder had in his mind. This means the extended cut could seemingly stretch up to 5 hours of non-stop screen time. Releasing a trailer by summarising the entire movie is a lot of work, and as per reports, the estimated budget is $20-30 million.


Nevertheless, all that matters is we can expect the much-awaited trailer soon, along with the debut of HBO Max.

Will the Justice League be a movie or TV series?

Will the Justice League be a movie or a TV series?
The Snyder Cut will feature our DC superheroes after five long years.

This is a familiar doubt among the Justice League fandom. Given that the original cut will be more than 5 hours, it is unlikely to screen it as a movie. A TV series with cliffhangers could be a neat way of presenting the extended cut, or else a five-hour plus movie should make the audience engaging to watch it.


Releasing a trailer at this standpoint is not feasible, as the release date for the Snyder cut is some time next year. Not to forget the production crisis that comes along with it. For now, fans will have to wait for some updates on the trailer’s release. Still, fans can strongly hope that Zack Snyder is pushing hard for the trailer. 

Let’s hope for more exciting updates about the Snyder Cut.


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