Zack Snyder Wanted Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman To Be Bisexual In DCEU Before Patty Jenkins Took Over? His “Men… are not necessary for pleasure” Contribution May Have Deeper Significance

Since he was a producer for the project created under the vision of Patty Jenkins, Snyder may have had original plans to change Diana Prince's sexuality

Zack Snyder Wanted Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman To Be Bisexual In DCEU Before Patty Jenkins Took Over? His "Men... are not necessary for pleasure" Contribution May Have Deeper Significance


  • Zack Snyder, the previous director of the DC franchise, made significant contributions to the DCEU and gained a loyal fan base.
  • He had ideas to change Wonder Woman's sexuality to being bisexual in the films, and his input included a dialogue about sexual pleasure between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince.
  • This suggests that Snyder may have had his own vision for the film.
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Before filmmaker James Gunn took over the role of DC Films’ CEO along with Peter Safran, the reins of the DC franchise were in the hands of Zack Snyder, who did an outstanding job of making the DCEU go toe to toe with the MCU. His contributions were so impactful that millions of fans all across the globe are loyal to his vision for the superheroes of DC in cinema to this day.

Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the sets of Man of Steel
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill on the sets of Man of Steel

From his involvement in 2013’s Man of Steel, the director has also overseen several projects that have later been developed in the now-dismantled franchise. When it came to 2017’s Wonder Woman, it seems like he had the idea to change the sexuality of the titular superhero completely to her being bisexual in the films after he contributed one dialogue to Patty Jenkins’ vision for the character.

Zack Snyder May Have Considered Making Wonder Woman Bisexual For The DCEU

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in a still from Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in a still from Wonder Woman

From the decision to cast Henry Cavill as the former Symbol of Hope in the DCEU to the creative concepts and executions that went behind the films under his supervision, Zack Snyder was able to disappoint the audience not even once. This has led to him gaining legendary status in the eyes of the fans of comic book films.


But when he recently revealed that his contribution to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman came in the form of the talk of s*xual pleasures between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince, people wondered if he had plans of his own for the film.

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In a recent interview with WIRED, the 300: Rise of an Empire director talked about his upcoming film Rebel Moon and what the audience can expect from it. Naturally, the conversation also shifted to his contributions to the DCEU, where he opened up about one of his direct contributions to Jenkins’ project featuring Gal Gadot.


He said that in the scene where Trevor and Prince talk about intimate pleasures on the boat, the actress’ line that men are not necessary for those pleasures was his suggestion. He said:

“Actually, there’s one line in the Wonder Woman movie that I originally wrote, When they’re on the boat and talking about, like, the treatises on sexual pleasure, she says [to Steve Trevor], ‘You wouldn’t like it because it concludes that men, though important for reproduction, are not necessary for pleasure.’ That was my contribution.”

Since he was a producer for the film, people are now theorizing that he may have had this vision for the character all along, which is in line with what the original lore tells us. In the comics, it’s revealed early on that most Amazonian women were bisexual, and so was Diana, something that the motion pictures didn’t incorporate.

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What’s Next For Wonder Woman?

A still from Wonder Woman 1984
A still from Wonder Woman 1984

While the first film of the series was a smashing hit that defied expectations, Wonder Woman 1984 left much to be desired by the fans.

Thus, with the creation of the new DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran have decided to drop the existing Wonder Woman series for the future. But rumors also suggest that the character is way too integral for the franchise to let sit idly by, which is why the CEOs are looking for a new face that can replace Gadot in the coming years as Diana Prince.

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