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Zack Snyder’s Dark Knight Returns: 12 Actors Perfect For DCEU’s Most Ambitious Movie

The Dark Knight Returns, to this day, is regarded as one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. That’s why Zack Snyder had more than one references to its story in his DCEU movies. Zack Snyder has expressed his interest to direct a movie based on Frank Miller’s epic saga.

Batman – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

So what if he played Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? You think that makes him less worthier of the mantle of the Batman. He could play Thomas Wayne in a Flashpoint movie as well as Bruce Wayne in Snyder’s Dark Knight Returns movie. Remember Batman in The Dark Knight returns is a seasoned veteran past his prime. With a well-built physique and incredible acting skills, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is our pick for playing Batman. His previous role as the Comedian in Watchmen and Negan in The Walking Dead proves he could play conflicted characters very well.

Carrie Kelly – Millie Bobby Brown

Carrie Kelly is the first female Robin in the Bat Family. The character was actually a part of the Knightmare storyline Snyder began with BVS: Dawn Of Justice. Some might claim Erin Kellyman aka Karli Morgenthau of Falcon & The Winter Soldier is a better choice. But our choice will be Millie Bobby Brow, the 17 year old dynamite who rose to fame after Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Alfred Pennyworth – Sir Ian McKellen

Alfred has been the only constant in Bruce Wayne’s life. While people have come and gone, Alfred stuck around. he was always there for the Batman when he needed him the most. In this timeline, Alfred, after years of service to the Waynes, meets am emotional end. He suffers a stroke and dies. Sir Ian McKellen is talented enough to give us the same emotional experience of Alfred Pennyworth finally bidding farewell to his boy Bruce Wayne.

Jim Gordon – Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is a celebrated actor. But his role in the Batman Forever movie (something that will come up once more pretty soon) is not as celebrated. James Gordon is about to retire in the Dark Knight Returns timeline. He has also deduced Batman’s true identity and is a de facto ally on his side. A frail and frustrated Jim Gordon could be played by Tommy Lee Jones, who has already played similar characters in the past. Men In Black comes to mind.

Two Face – Matthew McConaughey

In The Dark Knight Returns, Harvey Dent aka Two-Face got plastic surgery. He was seemingly cured of his split personality. The story takes a very brutal tone later. The therapy and the surgery had not purged Two-Face off of Harvey Dent’s mind. Instead, there was no Harvey Dent left. Only two-Face remained. This drove the villain literally insane and he went on a rampage across Gotham once he was released. Our pick for playing Two-Face is Matthew McConaughey.

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Joker – Jim Carrey

It would be a real twist of fate if Jim Carrey, who has already played another DC Villain – Riddler in the ill-fated Batman Forever, gets to play the Clown Prince of Crime. Carrey has been suggested as the new Joker for so many times by fan-casters on the internet. Like Batman and the rest of Gotham City folks, the Joker would also be older. And an aged but still chaotic as hell Joker is something only Jim Carrey could nail in this movie.

Mutant Leader – Dave Bautista

Without a Dark Knight to protect Gotham City, the city has been reduced to the same hotspot of crime it was once infamously known for. Lack of new recruits and inferior equipment and funding has reduced the ability of the GCPD. So a new gang has risen to take control of Gotham City. The Mutants are led by a hulking tyrant known as the Mutant Leader. Batman challenges the Mutant leader to a duel and later wins the fight, dismantling a now leader-less Mutants. Dave Bautista not only fits the description, his acting chops is well-known in previous comic book movies he starred in.

Oliver Queen – Toby Stephens

The Government had a very bad attitude towards vigilantism in this reality. It outright banned all super-heroism. Oliver Queen was one of the few vigilantes who fought against the increasing government oversight on the people. After Queen managed to sink a nuclear submarine, the Government sent Superman to deal with him. And the Man of Steel cut his arm off so that he could never wield a bow and arrow again. Despite his disability, Oliver is still a wonderful marksman. Toby Stephens of Black sails and Die Another Day fame, would nail the role of a one armed Oliver Queen.

Superman – Henry Cavill

No one, and we mean NO ONE, could play Superman as perfectly as Cavill. The Studio might be looking for another actor but Cavill will always be our top pick no matter what. The only other person who managed to essay the role perfectly was Christopher Reeve (May his soul rest in peace). Since Superman does not age, it would make sense if Cavill looks the same even after decades in human years. But we would not mind if he sports a white stripe on the side scalp like Invincible’s Omni-Man. In the dark Knight Returns universe, Superman has been turned into a villainous government stooge.

Selina Kyle – Monica Belluci

Zack Snyder did mention that his plans for a Dark knight Returns movie would have definitely included the Catwoman. Selina Kyle has a great impact on the storyline because of her romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne. Kyle never loses her charm despite having aged significantly. The actor also needs to be a woman who could play the role of a femme fatale in an action oriented film. Monica Belluci is the oldest Bond Girl, having had roles in movies like Shoot ‘Em Up and The Matrix franchise. If anybody could play a sultrier Catwoman, it is her.

Ellen Yindel – Tig Notaro

Ellen Yindel takes over as the new commissioner of Gotham City Police Department. After Jim Gordon retires, he passes the torch of leading the GCPD to Yindel. A hard-headed woman who fought to be heard and seen in a male dominated world, Yindel is a force to be reckoned with. She first vocally opposes vigilantism. But after seeing the Joker’s rampage, she has a change of opinion for Batman. Tig Notaro of Army of the Dead and Star Trek: Discovery fame, is perfect for playing Yindel. She looks the part and carries the same sass factor.

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Dave Endochrine – Robert De Niro

Dave Endochorine is a famous late night talk show host. He likes to make people laugh and also make fun of anyone and everyone under the sun. Endochrine relies on covering controversial subjects to keep his viewers engaged. in the Dark Knight Returns universe, Endochrine invited a seemingly reformed Joker into his show. The Joker ended up murdering everyone, including Dave Endochrine. Robert De Niro has already played a similar character that met the exact same fate when he first tried interviewing the Joker in 2019’s Joker. No one comes closer than De Niro.