Zack Snyder’s Justice League: 20 Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The Snyder Cut

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Ever since Zack Synder’s Justice League has released on HBO Max, fans are pouring their views on every available social media page. The movie already had a huge fan base before it even made the screens. Zack Synder’s Justice League has mostly satisfied the fans’ expectations with its extraordinary creativity and unique outlook. Since everyone knows that the movie was largely fan-demanded, social media websites like Twitter are flooded with fan reactions.  While some reactions are constructive, there are some that are hilarious. They will make you chuckle like a braying donkey! We have compiled some of the really hilarious tweets about Zack Snyder’s Justice League:


1. Zack Snyder introduced three new villains to his Justice League, one of which is DeSaad. The Twitter user doesn’t like how DeSaad is always mean to Steppenwolf. Her sketch is one of the most hilarious Twitter reactions.

2. It’s undeniable, Superman’s new look is spectacular. Meanwhile, viewers watching him on screen:


3. Almost everyone is talking about Barry Allen’s involvement in the plot. Zack Snyder has skillfully used the character for the story’s development and did justice to his character. The Twitter user’s comparison/reaction is so hilarious.

4. Was this you, too?

5. No one, absolutely no one. Batman: I am rich, that’s my superpower!


6. WB be like: “Oops! Should’ve done that earlier.”

7. This cracks us up every time!

8. Even though the movie is widely appreciated, there are some who do not appreciate the screen time. Although the Twitter reaction is hilarious! #MarvelvsDC


9. Jake and his hilarious reactions! What’s a better reaction than this?

10. The pun’s hilarious!

11. Snyder cut’s 4:3 format is getting a lot of jokes!


12. Oh! The crazy hype!

13. Were you this happy too?

14. Another 4:3-joke! Don’t worry you can view this on your normal screen. 😉


15. The user’s way of complaining is hilarious. One of the most sarcastic yet, hilarious Twitter reactions:

16. This is “Hot Damn”!

17. Bruce Wayne is a state of mind!


18. A PlayStation analogy:

19. DC lovers making you watch a movie they love like:

20. Would you too? 


Did we miss out any of your favorite hilarious Twitter posts? Let us know in the comments!

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