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Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a Smashing Hit on Rotten Tomatoes


The review embargo on Zack Snyder’s Justice League has lifted and we’re extremely glad that the horrors of Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, and “Josstice League” aren’t being repeated. After the upheaving early reactions to the film, it is really pulling off a solid performance amongst the critics. The general consensus so far suggests that DC fans and the ardent followers of Zack Snyder are going to adore this film to its core. People are actually referring to it as the best work that Snyder has ever done. We’ll verify that in a couple of days. But before that, check out the current Rotten Tomatoes score of the film:


From the 101 reviews that have been counted so far, 76 of them have been positive. 25 critics still haven’t been impressed by what they saw in the 4-hour cut of the film. Now hold your horses. Don’t be disappointed at all because this is pretty solid. History has shown that the critics are usually divided on Snyder’s films. 300 (61%), Watchmen (65%), and Dawn of the Dead (75% Fresh) are the only Snyder films that were not berated by the critics. So, a 75% Fresh score on RT is pretty darn amazing for Snyder, and for any film in general. Now, this score will certainly fluctuate as the number of reviews will grow at least 4 times, if not more. But it seems that Zack Snyder’s Justice League won’t have a Wonder Woman 1984 level drop because of what the early reactions boasted.

Comparison Against Other DCEU Films

The early reactions of the Wonder Woman sequel were selling a totally different film, but most people and the critics ended up disliking it later on. The score was holding constant in the higher 80s for the first 80 reviews of Wonder Woman 1984, but it ultimately dropped to 59% Rotten. This doesn’t usually happen with all movies, so I’m hoping that Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘s RT score will stay strong as well. Here’s how it does against other DCEU films:

This ensemble movie currently stands as the fourth-best DCEU film in terms of the RT score. There are times where the RT score becomes a huge deal. But there are also times where the score just doesn’t matter as much.

Aquaman had a 65% score, but it was loved by the fans and became the highest-grossing DC movie of all time. Joker had a 68% RT score and it made a Billion Dollars despite its R-Rating. And if you compare it with a film like Venom (29% Rotten), then you’ll see that the critics absolutely hated it but the fans loved it. So, you might still end up loving Zack Snyder’s Justice League even if its RT score stoops lower than 75%. The fan reception for a superhero film in particular just cannot be judged by its Rotten Tomatoes score. But it certainly helps to have a solid critical reception anyway.

Besides the Rotten Tomatoes score, I’m hoping that the audience score & HBO Max viewership on this one would be as high as possible because only that will lead Warner Bros. to actually think of restoring the Snyderverse.


Written by Peyton Manning

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