‘Zack Snyder’s Superman will never work with any government’: Snyder Fans Blast Black Adam Theorists Claiming Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Be a Government Stooge for Amanda Waller

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is gearing up for a theatrical release next month and a lot of the talk about the movie isn’t pointed toward what the plot will be like, or even how Adam is going to use his powers. The talk of the town has mostly been about the eventual return of  Henry Cavill as Superman.


The latest news and theories regarding the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman are one of major debate among fans of the DCEU. Recent theories from fans regarding the nature of Superman’s return are mostly associated with a rumored post-credits scene in which Cavill will appear as a stooge for the government alongside Amanda Waller. But they’re missing one important point.

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Johnson in Black Adam

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Zack Snyder’s Superman Won’t Be Bowing Down To The Government At All

Giant Freakin Robot recently reported about a rumored post-credits scene that will feature Amanda Waller walking into Black Adam’s throne room where he’s just chilling, and subsequently asking him to join her team.

Looks fine & dandy and nothing too exciting, right? Well, that’s when the last part of the report reveals that Superman is going to be backing up Waller’s “request” with a faceless cameo, potentially hinting at a showdown given Adam still declines the offer.

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Cavill in Man of Steel

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A simple interpretation of this would mean that fans assumed Cavill will be a lap dog for the government. But they seem to have forgotten that in Man of Steel, Superman literally says that he wishes to do things on his own terms-

The reaction from Snyder fans towards the theory of Cavill being a government stooge has given us a goldmine of reactions on Twitter-


Waller might just be playing her cards right, says this user-


A sound fact, how could this be overlooked? –

On the other hand, this fan is disappointed that we’re only getting a faceless cameo-


Will DC be showing Henry Cavill as Superman in the post-credits scene for Black Adam? We don’t know. What we do know is that Cavill still has one movie left to portray himself as Superman under his contract.

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The New Black Adam Poster Is Bone Chilling, Especially For Heroes

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, if you still haven’t figured it out, will be an antihero character entering the DCEU with its own standalone movie.

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A still from Black Adam

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Trailers for the movie have pretty much established how mysteriously strong the character will be, and with Dwayne Johnson at the helm, it’s gonna rock.


The hype for the movies just went up by a mile when you see how cool this new promotional poster for the movie looks, with a chilling “The time of heroes is over” line imposed on the top of the poster.

Black Adam is shaping up to be a great addition to the DCEU with all the promotional work being done. Will it live up to the hype is the question, but if the rumored Superman appearance in the post-credits scene is true, it’ll be worth watching for that alone.


Black Adam will release in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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