“Zendaya is gonna be in it too?”: Tom Holland Absolutely Needed This Major Career Break as a Non-Marvel Superhero for Paramount if One Rumor is True

A rumored non-MCU superhero role was what Tom Holland needed to rejuvenate his career

“Zendaya is gonna be in it too?”: Tom Holland Absolutely Needed This Major Career Break as a Non-Marvel Superhero for Paramount if One Rumor is True


  • Tom Holland became a household name thanks to his role as Spider-Man in the MCU films.
  • Holland had a terrible record of non-MCU movies.
  • A rumored superhero role for Holland could have been the break he needed.
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Tom Holland gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making his debut in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. His interpretation of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker struck a chord with fans, effectively capturing the essence of the iconic character from the comics.


While Holland’s career may be facing some challenges at the moment, there are rumors circulating that he needs to be part of a major Paramount film. If these rumors hold true, it could potentially provide a significant boost to his career, which is somewhat floundering right now.

Tom Holland
Spider-Man in action

Since Tom Holland’s initial involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise has undergone changes, and some MCU fans believe that it has lost its initial charm. Criticism often revolves around the view that Marvel relies on the same tired tropes and formulae that just do not stick the landing the way they used to in the past.


Tom Holland’s Non-MCU Run Has Been Abysmal

Tom Holland

Despite having big-name co-stars like Chris Pratt and Will Smith, many of Tom Holland’s roles after his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been box-office disappointments, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for the young actor.

Whether judged by financial earnings or critical reception, Holland’s track record with his films has been less than stellar. His drama films like The Lost City of Z and The Current War failed to resonate with audiences, while his voice roles in movies such as Spies In Disguise and Dolittle also struggled at the box office. Although Onward received decent reviews, it underperformed for a Pixar film. Chaos Walking was widely considered a disaster.

Even with a film like Uncharted, where Holland portrayed Nathan Drake and which performed adequately at the box office, there appears to be little urgency for a sequel right now.


Given his less-than-stellar track record at the box office, Tom Holland’s reliance on Spider-Man and the MCU to sustain his career is evident. The widely recognized Spider-Man franchise is expected to generate a certain level of box office success, even if not every MCU project is guaranteed to be a blockbuster

Tom Holland Really Required A Career Break As An Unexpected Superhero

Tom Holland sad in this scene
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

As noted above, Tom Holland has been a part of quite a few stinkers apart from his Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and clearly, momentum is not on his side as of now. As per ScreenTime, Holland was rumored to be portraying the role of Danny Phantom in a live-action version of the movie, which would be produced by Paramount.

Numerous fans took to Twitter and commented on this rumor, wondering if it was true or not. Due to Tom Holland being a big name among superhero fans, portraying the role of Danny Phantom would have greatly helped his career.



Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case as there is no legitimacy to such a rumor, which spells as further bad news for Tom Holland. Nonetheless, only time will tell how Holland will attempt to get his career back on track, in the future.


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