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Zendaya Reportedly Turned Down Gender-Swapped Lead Role in Marvel Co-Star Jeff Goldblum’s $86M Cult-Classic Remake

Zendaya Reportedly Turned Down Gender-Swapped Lead Role in Marvel Co-Star Jeff Goldblum's $86M Cult-Classic Remake

It is time once again when insider Jeff Sneider and host John Rocha talk to discuss the current rumors and reports in the world of pop culture. The name of Zendaya was spoken about in a 1986 movie remake that would have the Euphoria actress swap her gender (for the movie, of course)

The cult classic movie The Fly earned $86 million during its debut in 1986 but was deemed a great movie by the people. Talks of a remake starring Zendaya as the gender-swapped lead role abounds on the Internet but the American actress will probably not take on the role.


Zendaya Turns Down Gender-Swapped Lead Role in The Fly

Great things are meant to happen when John Rocha and insider Jeff Sneider sit down for a chat. The duo discusses all things pop culture from movies to series, from the MCU to the DCU, and actors and their upcoming roles and rejections.

Zendaya with her 2023 Emmy award for Euphoria
Zendaya with her 2023 Emmy award for Euphoria

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In a YouTube video, Sneider claimed that the remake of the 1986 movie was in the works. The Jeff Goldblum movie, The Fly made a fortune and thus, a modern remake was bound to happen. According to Sneider, Zendaya was in talks to helm the movie as its female protagonist (replacing Goldblum’s character) which the duo felt was not a great outcome.

“There were rumors and I’d heard these rumors to an extent” started saying Jeff Sneider. “That Fox really has been talking to Zendaya’s team for The Fly. I think it would be the main role”

Sneider further continued that he did not think that Zendaya could be cast as someone as a basic love interest. He continued,

“It’d be interesting to have a female fly. When you look at the level of talent that they got for the Alien movie [1979]and that’s a bigger franchise than The Fly. If this is a 20th century remake and maybe they are eyeing it for Hulu, I don’t think they are gonna get Zendaya”

Sneider affirmed that it would be an interesting role for she would have to have a physical transformation, she would have to “ugly herself up”. Sneider continued that he would like to see Zendaya take on the challenging role but “if it’s just a Hulu movie that Fox is producing”, he doesn’t think that it would be a big enough thing.

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Zendaya Supported Her Stylist Law Roach After Retirement

Zendaya and Law Roach
Zendaya and Law Roach

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In recent news, Law Roach, the Hollywood stylist announced his retirement from Hollywood on his Instagram. The stylist stated that he had a wonderful career but would like to take a break from things since he was dead tired. After an appearance in the podcast High Low, Roach talked about Zendaya’s reaction to his sudden retirement and how he felt incredibly grateful to the Euphoria actress.

“She called, and she said, ‘Girl, I thought we make big decisions together. Of course, she supported me. She’s like, ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation?’ Like tell me what you’re going through, and I talked to her about just being unhappy and being unhappy for a really long time and still grieving the death of my nephew. So, we had that talk, and she was like, ‘Whatever you need, whatever you need.’”

After winning an Emmy for Euphoria, the actress is currently busy shooting the magnum opus Dune: Part Two which is set for a release date of 3rd November 2023.

Euphoria is available to stream on HBO Max.

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