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Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Reportedly on the Run After Hit-and-Run as California Police Begins Manhunt

Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Reportedly on the Run After Hit-and-Run as California Police Begins Manhunt

The case of a Hit-and-Run potentially involving the presence of Angus Cloud has been recently reported to the California State Police by the accident victim. Angus Cloud, famous for playing the role of Fezco in the superhit American Drama series Euphoria, has been accused of rear-ending a vehicle while driving an SUV.

Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud

The report came in recently when the accident was witnessed by onlookers and the public present at the scene of the incident, where many reports of witnessing the accused star hitting the back end of the now-damaged Toyota and then speeding off to avoid confrontation and capture by the police, who are still searching for the suspect.

Details About The Incident

Angus Cloud in a still from Euphoria
Angus Cloud in a still from Euphoria

Known for playing the role of Fezco, a quirky but smart and calculating person who values his freedom over anything else and hates being used as a puppet, Angus Cloud had been praised for playing the character with finesse. But the recent development in his personal life might be the link that might change his life from a popular TV star to a convicted lawbreaker.

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The incident took place at Marina Del Rey, where multiple witnesses claim to have seen Cloud with another Male passenger in an SUV. Then, the witnesses claim to have seen the SUV hit the rear-end of a Toyota vehicle, which was hit harder than a normal speed. Then, the witnesses report seeing Cloud’s SUV run off into the nearest parking lot to avoid confrontation with the public or the vehicle’s passengers.

Later, when the people who had been hit by the SUV in the Toyota recovered, one of them, a female passenger, found redness and injuries to her legs and arms. So, when one of the witnesses went to check in the parking lot where Cloud was seen driving into, they found no trace of the vehicle or the two male passengers on board that vehicle. The victims then decided to report the incident to the state police.

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California State Police Organize A Manhunt For Euphoria Star Angus Cloud

Police want to find Angus Cloud to know more about what hppened
Police want to find Angus Cloud to know more about what happened

With the suspects now missing, assumed to be on the run from the authorities, California State Police Department has now begun the search for Cloud’s whereabouts and potential sightings of the star. As a Hit-and-Run case is considered a major felony in California State Law, the police want to be thorough in their search and apprehend the suspect, who can either be Cloud or his fellow Male passenger.

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Source: TMZ

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