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Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Vomited on Manager’s Face After Near-Fatal Overdose, Fired Him Later After Relapsing

Zendaya's Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Vomited on Manager's Face After Near-Fatal Overdose, Fired Him Later After Relapsing

Angus Cloud is an American actor known for his breakthrough role as Fezco in the HBO drama series Euphoria. He was discovered by the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, while walking down the street and was offered the role of Fezco. Before acting, he worked as a skateboarder and sales assistant at a New York City-based skate shop. The actor has recently made headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

Police want to find Angus Cloud to know more about what hppened
Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud’s former talent manager has made allegations that the actor was dependent on prescription medication and even went as far as to claim that during an incident of alleged overdose, the actor vomited on his face while he was giving him CPR.

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Angus Cloud’s Former Talent Manager Makes Shocking Revelations

In an extensive Twitter rant, Diomi Cordero exposed what he claims to be his professional association with the 24-year-old HBO personality, which Cordero states, began during their encounter in a rehabilitation facility.

According to Cordero, he juggled his aspiration of becoming an independent talent manager while working the night shift as a “mental health technician.” Within a short span of two weeks, he encountered Cloud, who was a patient at the facility. Cordero asserts that they quickly formed a deep connection, eventually leading to their professional collaboration in April 2021.

Cordero claimed that Cloud’s personal affairs were in disarray, prompting him to hire a new publicist and “acting & fashion agents.” Through their efforts, Cloud was able to secure health insurance and rectify discrepancies in his SAG-AFTRA account.

Angus Cloud in a still from Euphoria
Angus Cloud in a still from Euphoria

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Did Angus Cloud’s Friends Encourage Drug Abuse

According to Cordero, Angus Cloud made notable progress in the next few months despite being in the company of friends who purportedly engaged in drug use and posed a threat to his sobriety.

“Their reckless behavior and lack of regard for Angus’ recovery served as a significant obstacle to his progress,” Cordero said, “ultimately contributing to his relapse.”

Nonetheless, Cordero asserts that a mere 48 hours after Cloud’s release from rehab, he was invited to attend a 4th of July barbecue at the actor’s residence. He claimed,

“Upon entering his premises and attempting to greet him with a hug, it became immediately apparent that he had resumed substance abuse, a mere two days after completing his treatment.”

Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud

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Did Angus Cloud Use Drugs In The Rehab

Cordero alleged that he arranged for Cloud to enter another rehabilitation facility while he shot the last two weeks of the second season of the HBO series. As per the talent manager, the actor continued indulging in drug use while in rehab and subsequently left the facility against medical advice to commence filming for the movie Your Lucky Day.

Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud Reportedly on the Run After Hit-and-Run as California Police Begins Manhunt
Zendaya’s Euphoria Co-Star Angus Cloud

The actor secured a part in another production. On the evening before he was scheduled to depart for Oklahoma, Cordero revealed that he was contacted by one of Cloud’s housemates, who informed him that the actor was experiencing breathing difficulties. Cordero alleges that he swiftly arrived on the scene, administered Narcan, and carried out CPR on Cloud. Cordero then tweeted,

“Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face.”

After all this, it does not come as a shock that Diomi Cordero resigned as Cloud’s manager.

Euphoria starring Zendaya and Angus Cloud is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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