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Zendaya’s Mind-Wiped MJ Reportedly Returns in Spider-Man 4 as Disney and Sony Work on New Tom Holland Deal

Zendaya MJ

After a mind-blowing climax in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there are indications that this MCU hero may have more major adventures in the coming days. Fans were looking forward to Spider-Man 4 after Doctor Stephen Strange erased Peter Parker’s memory from everyone he knows or is close to (including himself).

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man

As a result, the trilogy concluded with Peter Parker as a young and lonely lad. Now since there isn’t much left over from the past, Peter has complete control over the upcoming solo feature.

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Disney and Sony working on a new Spider-Man deal

Marvel Studios is seeking to run it back with its current Spider-Man squad, in some of the least shocking news, you’ll hear this week. According to a tweet from user @GraceRandolph, Sony and Marvel Studios have collaborated on three Spider-Man films so far, all starring Tom Holland and Zendaya. The most recent picture, Spider-Man: No Way Home, broke records for Marvel and Sony, earning the third-highest domestic box office total in history.

A fourth Spider-Man picture has yet to be revealed, but the ending of No Way Home sets up Tom Holland’s Parker for further adventures. His reappearance appears to be a foregone conclusion.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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John Watts, the director of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, was due to helm Marvel’s Fantastic Four next, but the filmmaker had later withdrawn from the project, citing a desire to take a break from big-budget superhero films. That departure, however, may not mean the end of his relationship with Marvel, as the studio is apparently aiming to bring him back for another entry in the Spider-Man series.

With all of that said, Peter isn’t going to abandon his buddies, is he? We don’t think he would totally, but after seeing what happens when loved ones become too engaged in Spider-Man adventures with the death of Aunt May, Peter may decide to keep a close eye on his two besties for the time being and tell them later.

Zendaya is reportedly to be on Spider-Man 4

Zendaya’s character, MJ, isn’t unique to Marvel’s take on the superhero saga. Wherever there’s a Peter Parker, there’s also an MJ, so if Peter Parker disappears from future Spider-Man films, so may MJ – unless, of course, she becomes the first female Spider-Man (Spider-Woman), but she’s previously stated that she’d leave the web-slinging to Tom Holland for the time being.

Zendaya as MJ
Zendaya as MJ

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However, according to new rumors from Twitter user @EmberOnMain, Zendaya is most likely to return for Spider-Man 4. Marvel fans are excited to see where the Peter-MJ story goes after the tragic No Way Home ending. And, aside from the love narrative, Zendaya’s MJ has a lot more to give the MCU.

Source: EmberOnMain; Grace Randolph


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