Zendaya’s MJ Rumored To Be Returning in Spider-Man 4 Despite Mind-Wipe

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There’s no doubt about how well Spider-Man: No Way Home was received, especially owing to a gazillion cameos in the film! The movie became an official member of the billion-dollar club due to its excellent box office run. So while the movie did wonders for the actors, the same couldn’t be said for their characters.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

After Doctor Strange’s spell went haywire bringing a lot of nuisance into the world, there was only one way to stop it all. However, doing that meant no one would remember Spider-Man’s real identity. When we say no one, we mean no one, including Peter Parker’s partners in crime, MJ and Ned. However, after there were speculations about Zendaya’s return, it now seems like she will indeed be reprising her role.

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Is Zendaya Coming Back for Spider-Man 4?

Zendaya and Tom Holland as MJ and Spider-Man

After Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with everyone having Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wiped off completely from their minds, there were worries amongst fans of the Peter-MJ dream team about Zendaya’s return. Well, fans of the two can relax a bit as according to Twitter user, Culture Spider, Zendaya is all set to return for more adventures.

If this holds any truth to it, it is certainly going to be interesting how Peter Parker navigates through the ordeal of having his best friends forget who he is. As seen in the heart-wrenching scene at the coffee shop, neither MJ nor Ned has any idea as to who the young mystery guy standing at the counter is as Peter watches them with a yearning. He decides to walk away without telling them the truth, stating, “I’ll see you around.” We sure hope he sticks to his words!

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A Hint of Recognition

Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya

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While everyone who watched the third installment of Holland’s Spider-Man movies knows what happened in the end, only a handful know what could’ve happened. Provided by Deadline, the final screenplay of No Way Home reveals particular insights into how MJ kind of remembers Peter Parker.

On page 178 of the script, MJ experiences a “flicker of déjà vu” when Peter repeats her old dialogue back to her. After a short moment though, she regains her composure. On the very next page, it was written that while Peter walks out of the coffee shop, MJ is looking at him go with a sense of recognition.

The final screenplay of No Way Home, page 178
The final screenplay of No Way Home, page 179

This could mean that the writers tried to let the audience know that they shouldn’t give up on MJ and Peter just yet. MJ is also seen wearing the black necklace gifted to her by Peter in Spider-Man: Far From Home. All of this combined could just mean that Zendaya isn’t giving up on her fictional love story. No matter how she returns to the screen, it would be certainly interesting to see how Peter manages to bring back her memory. While we are at it, let’s not forget Peter’s best friend either. There have to be more adventures for the trio to embark upon!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available to stream on Netflix.

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