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‘Zeus… is an Emotional God’: New Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene Shows Thor Never Struck Zeus, He Willingly Gave His Thunderbolt to Thor

Zeus from Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder was a Marvel movie that let down the fans terribly. Helmed by Taika Waititi, who also directed the previous Thor movie – Thor: Ragnarok, fans had higher expectations from the filmmaker. The movie received bad reviews from both the critics and the audience, some even claimed it to be worse than Thor: The Dark World, which was called the worst movie of the Thor standalone series.

A deleted scene related to Zeus from Thor: Love and Thunder surfaces
A deleted scene related to Zeus from Thor: Love and Thunder surfaces

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The movie was overloaded with jokes and forceful comedy that at some point were not even funny. Now, some of the deleted scenes from the movie have surfaced, and fans are glad that they were.

Thor: Love and Thunder deleted scene reveals Zeus is an “emotional God”

In the final cut of Thor: Love and Thunder, which the fans watched in theaters, there’s a sequence where Thor (Chris Hemsworth), along with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Jane (Natalie Portman), and Korg (Taika Waititi) go to the Gods to seek help to fight Gorr. But Zeus refuses, so the group fights against him and Valkyrie steals his Thunderbolt and Thor stabs him with it. But the recently surfaced deleted scene tells a different story.

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Zeus gave away his Thunderbolt in a deleted scene
Zeus gave away his Thunderbolt in a deleted scene

A scene exclusively with PEOPLE has shown that Zeus gives up the Thunderbolt himself. In the scene, Thor and Jane are having a heartfelt conversation while she is in the hospital. They hear a crunch from behind the privacy curtain and it was revealed that Zeus was standing there, eating ice cream.

Jane:“Have you been standing there this whole time?”

Zeus: “Yes… It seems like you are an emotion god after all.”

Zeus: “Come with me. I have something you may need.”

The thing that is mentioned by Zeus is obviously his Thunderbolt that was needed to fight Gorr.

So did the fight not happen originally
So did the fight not happen originally?

But why was the movie later edited to show that it was stolen and Zeus was killed by Thor? Was it done to introduce Hercules and a rivalry between the two, as in the post-credit scene Zeus, who actually survives, asks Hercules to take revenge against Thor.

Another deleted scene had the fans cringing

There was another Greek God, the group met before finding Zeus at the “Golden Temple.” The youngest son of Zeus spots Thor entering the Omnipotent City and well, his dialogues were probably written by a four-year-old, but he ends up revealing to Thor where he can find Zeus. The entire sequence is so cringed, that the fans, were glad the director decided to delete it.

Another deleted scene from Omnipotent City is trending
Another deleted scene from Omnipotent City is trending

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The 4k, Bluray, and DVD version of Thor: Love and Thunder will include the Zeus scene, according to PEOPLE. Also, three other deleted scenes would be included in the same. The Disney+ version of the movie will not be including the scenes. Also, there would be a feature gag reel and commentary from Taika Waititi included in those versions too.

Thor: Love and Thunder comes out on Disney+ on September 8, 2022.

Source: PEOPLE

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