It Has Taken a Year, But One Zombie-Slaying, Blood Thirsty Massacre of a Game is Due to Hit Steam

Dead Island 2 has been confirmed to launch on Steam this April.



  • Dead Island 2 launched in April 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via the Epic Games Store.
  • The zombie FPS will hit Steam on April 22, 2024, after the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal ends.
  • Publisher Deep Silver is celebrating the launch with some massive discounts and promotions on other Dead Island titles.
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The Dead Island 2 zombie apocalypse is headed for Steam. Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed the zombie shooter will launch on Valve’s platform on April 22, after the year-long exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store comes to an end.


Players who have been waiting to jump into the undead-slaying massacre on their preferred PC gaming platform will finally get the chance a year after its original release. The publisher is celebrating the launch with huge discounts on its other titles, giving fans of the zombie games plenty of undead to slay until then.

Dead Island 2 Is Launching on Steam This April

You can soon smash <em>Dead Island 2’s</em> zombies on Steam.
You can soon smash Dead Island 2’s zombies on Steam.

One year after its release, Dead Island 2 is set to come to Steam on April 22, 2024, as announced by the publisher in a post on the platform. The gory zombie FPS was originally released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. This one-year-long exclusivity deal is almost up, opening the bloody, zombie-infested gates to Steam players.


While it does not have cross-platform support across PC and console, the publisher has confirmed that PC players will be able to join in on the gory carnage together with friends, regardless of what launcher they are playing on.

To celebrate the launch, the publisher is offering massive discounts on its other zombie games. Dead Island Definitive Edition, the remastered version of the original game from 2016, and the side-scrolling 16-bit beat-em-up Dead Island: Retro Revenge are seeing huge discounts of 85% and 75% respectively.

Players who act fast can pick up the 2013 title Dead Island: Riptide – Definitive Edition completely for free until tomorrow, February 15.


The Unexpected Success of Dead Island 2

Steam players can cause bloody carnage in <em>Dead Island 2</em> together with friends on the Epic Games Store.
Steam players can cause bloody carnage in Dead Island 2 together with friends on the Epic Games Store.

Dead Island 2 was first announced in 2014 as a sequel to the original title from 2011. After a slew of delays and changes of developers, the zombie slayer finally launched almost a decade later, in April 2023.

The sequel is set roughly 15 years after the original and takes players to a zombie-infested California with a new band of survivors and the same blood-filled massacres known from the first game.

It sold one million copies in the first three days after its launch, tremendously exceeding expectations and reportedly going on to become Deep Silver’s “biggest launch in history.”


Despite receiving mixed reviews, the zombie slasher was surprisingly nominated in the Best Action Game category at The Game Awards 2023, but it did not take home the coveted prize.

While the game doesn’t offer much more than the prequel, our reviewer praised the gory combat, which allowed the “player to relish in the carnage they are inflicting.”

Does this kind of bloody zombie slaying sound like your cup of tea? Will you jump into the undead mayhem once the game launches on Valve’s platform? Let us know in the comments!


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